Philips HD4644/00 Energy Efficient Kettle – 3.0 KW, 1.7 Litre – White

Wednesday, April 7, 2010 10:30

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Philips HD4644/00 Energy Efficient Kettle – 3.0 KW, 1.7 Litre – White
Manufacturer: Philips
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Product Description

  • 1.7ltr
  • 3kW concealed element
  • Rapid boil

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Customer Reviews

Best Kettle Ever
Review Date: November 26, 2008
Reviewer: K. Prior,
I have had this kettle for about two months now and it’s the best I’ve ever owned. The build quality is excellent for the price. The lid is chunky and easy to open/close, the spout pours perfectly, the material of the body is glossy and high quality looking and never gets hot. The kettle sits snugly in its base. The on/off switch lights up orangey red when kettle is on. It’s a well balanced kettle, very comfortable to hold and pour. The one cup ( 300ml ) feature is excellent, and this boils from cold in 59 seconds, no waiting around! Its not the noisiest or the quietest, copeable noise level. The water level gauge is on both sides of the kettle, so good for left or right handed people. Very well thought out and designed product.

Edited on 15 December 2009 to add – wow time flies, I didn’t realise Id had this kettle 15 months now. Just wanted to say that the kettle still looks like new, performs as well as ever and best of all, the markings on it haven’t faded with me cleaning it! Still love this kettle!
Just Right!
Review Date: November 28, 2008
Reviewer: E. Roughton,
I bought this to replace an Eco Kettle which sadly only lasted 1 year and about 3 weeks. This one is very easy to use, boils quickly, is quite sturdy and has a 2 year guarantee. It pours neatly, no splashing. If I could change one thing about it I would make the trim any colour other than grey, but that’s not much of a complaint really – functionally, it is just right (it’s also a nice shape and sits snugly into its little base!). The Amazon price was by far the best around so I’m very pleased with my efficient little bargain, thank you!
Works great and no tainted taste to the water
Review Date: May 10, 2009
Reviewer: C. Drinkwater, Cheltenham, UK
After reading J. Mather’s review about the taste of the water coming out of his kettle being tained by the plastic, I nearly didn’t buy this kettle.
However, I’m glad that I did.
I’ve only had my new kettle a few days (an HD4644/00 – white), but I’m glad I bought it.
The boiled water that comes out of my kettle tastes fine.
The water level indicator measured in cups is good, and acurate.
The kettle sits well on its base.
The on switch at the base of the kettle is easy to use.
The kettle is much quieter than my last one (a Tefal Express)
The design is attractive and the lid is easy to open. Its a pop-up lid, but you have to lift it by hand using the white lip on the lid. I dont find it difficult to do at all, but I wouldnt advise it for anyone who has significant problems with weakness or manoeverability in their hands.
Practical, easy-to-use, well built kettle that does its job
Review Date: September 2, 2009
Reviewer: Raffy, UK
When my third Kenwood traditional-style kettle in as many years finally gave up the ghost, I succumbed to the fact that I would finally have to buy (yuk!) a jug kettle and looked around. I don’t like jug kettles usually as I am disabled and I find it much easier to hold a traditional-type kettle whilst filling at the tap. But I’ve found it harder & harder to find a traditional type kettle that suits me.

I picked this kettle because from the description & customer reviews it seemed to fit best what I was looking for:

1-Easy to open, fill & pour.

2-Energy efficient. I am the only tea/coffee drinker in the house so rarely need more than one cup’s worth of water.

3-Clear water level indicator on BOTH sides (handy as I am left-handed, my husband right)

4-NOT stainless steel. They look geat in shops/pictures/show homes but in reality a nightmare for showing smudgy finger marks. Trust me on this, unless you’re the sort of person who thinks buffing a kettle each day is a good use of time.

5-Good quality, built to last more than a year (Kenwood,take note please)

The only other Philips kettle I’ve owned was a wedding present in 1992 and lasted us 12 years, so I’m hoping this one is at least half as good. So far, I’m very pleased with it. It may not be a style icon, but personally I like its sturdy- no-nonsense look and feel. Although it is plastic, it does not look or feel too ‘cheap’.
Good chunky On/Off flick-switch which is easy to see and to use for those with dexterity issues. This lights up red when switched on. It’s a good size, not too heavy for me when full, the lid is easy to open to fill (which I prefer) but it can also be filled from the spout. Easy to wipe clean. Boils VERY rapidly compared to my last kettle. Pours well, no drips or spills. Any excess cord can be coiled and stored in the base, which is a good safety feature.

Some people have mentioned a funny taste to the water from this kettle. I haven’t had this problem at all, but I did follow the instructions to rinse out, then fill & boil the kettle once before first use. Nor have I had the problem someone mentioned with condensation obscuring the water level. I find it very easy to read.

All in all a very good basic jug kettle. Highly recommended.

Fast and efficient
Review Date: May 16, 2009
Reviewer: Old Mother Time, London
I purchased this kettle a couple of months ago after spending ages looking for the perfect kettle in terms of performance and looks. I finally settled for this one, and whilst it probably isn’t my perfect choice for looks its performance more than makes up for it. Being a big tea drinker, and an impatient one at that, I wanted a kettle that was quick and efficient. I did look at the Tefal 30 second machine but was put off by the fact that it didn’t actually boil the water – tea with tepid water just doesn’t taste right! Fortunately this kettle clearly shows a one cup measurement and if that’s all you put into it will boil that amount of water in less than a minute. The kettle is light to hold and looks clean and neat. I also found that if you follow the instructions regarding boiling for the first time then you shouldn’t have any lasting taste to your water.
Philips HD4644/00 Energy Efficient Kettle

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