27X40 Ernest Goes To Jail Movie Poster

Ernest Goes To Jail is an early 90s film that was made in America and was directed by John Cherry. The comedy film was starred by Jim Varney. Among the Ernest films, this movie became the second most selling, and many movie lovers went to the cinema on its opening night. On the folded poster, a photo of the main character with a list of the actors displayed just below the movie title is imprinted.

The poster contains a picture of Ernest emerging from a hole while holding a spoon and a piece of paper containing an escaping plan. There are a pair of boots and two legs believed to be of a security guard who has caught up with the escaping cell inmate. Different holes are seen beside Ernest and it is an amusing sight to behold as the images set the audience up for an enthralling comic. Ernest who had been imprisoned accidentally is hatching plans to escape the jail term but several attempts fail and he is thrown back to his cell.

In order to dig up holes that would lead to a route to freedom, Ernest uses a spoon. The cutlery is the readily available item that can be used for digging up the mud even though at a slower rate. Funny enough, the humorous character pulls it off on a number of occasions but doesn’t manage to escape. The piece of paper holds a blueprint of the underground holes they dig and the pathway to outside the jail structure but it always leads them to an unexpected ending This shows the fans what sort of comedy to expect from a top contender of The Ernest films.

As a top entertainment collectible, the poster contains the name of the movie written in red font with the main character’s name written in a larger font size. All important cast members that worked on the movie in Nashville and Tennessee are mentioned on the print in bold capital letters. Jim Varney’s face comes out as a man who is surprised to see a figure standing at the exit point of the hole he dug. This is the theatrical release poster that gives a glimpse into the scenes to watch out for in the movie. Ernest Goes To Jail poster together with the movie trailer boosted the sales that the feature film garnered in the opening weeks of its release.

The 27×40 size item was sold in online markets and supermarkets as many lovers of the sequel would hurry to purchase the product. At the homes of Americans, a poster stuck to the wall would most probably have contained a picture of the funny actor. In all Jim’s movies that featured adventures of the famous role, it is arguably this representation that pleased fans the most. The piece came out as a masterpiece that symbolized and foretold the theme of the clip that caused a lot of people to laugh. Anyone who saw the print out before watching the full clip would be left wondering what would have befallen Jim and the suspense behind it could add to the eagerness.

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