Fotbor Compatible with iPhone Xs Max/iPhone 11 Pro Max Privacy Screen Protector, Anti Glare/Spy/Scratch Tempered Glass Film, 2-Pack 6.5 Inch

For many years iPhone has been at the top of the smartphone chain and leading for decades, which can only mean Apple delivers to its customers. Genuine product and high quality finished phones keep the iPhone in the leading position. To buy a high rated smartphone like the iPhone you as the customer have to dig a little deeper than others especially now in the year 2020. The iPhone has a number of flagship devices in the market including the iPhone 11 pro Max and the iPhone X’s Max. Now, this is smartphones that might cost you more than the average smartphone however, they are the best selling phones this year so far. Proving that quality regardless of the price beats cheap any day people still want these smartphones and are willing to put their money into them.

Taking care of your iPhone 11 pro-Max and X’s Max is another challenge all together surely, you wouldn’t want anything to happen to your precious smartphone. The most fragile and vulnerable piece of this tech is the display, if anything was to happen to the panel it would even render the entire device useless. It is the most important aspect of any phone and the most exposed of all.

To protect the device from everyday abuse and accidents you need something with the reputation to match. The Fotbor Privacy Screen Protector with anti-glare tempered glass is the most suitable for these two phenomenal devices. This screen protector comes with a lot to make sure your phone survives the day without any scratches. It also brings new and unique features to the table

To start off, the glass not only protects but keeps the glare from other lights from interfering with your display. Even if you are outside in the middle of the day and the sun is shining, the screen protector will absorb most of that light. This keeps the reflection from the screen affecting your eyesight when using your phone in bright spaces keeping the display well lit. The anti-glare layer also keeps harmful ultraviolet rays from reaching your iPhones’ display giving a protective layer.

iPhone pro-Max and the iPhone X’s Max come with a notch display design at the top giving you a bigger display. The Fotbor screen protector has made the exception to offer zero obstruction on the panel. It also has the notch design cut out for the specific devices fitting the phone flawlessly. However, this particular screen protector can only be installed in the pro-Max and X’s Max that has a bigger display than the other iPhones.

Secondly, when the screen protector is installed the display is only perceptible for the person directly looking in front of the phone. The display is not visible from any other angle so, you can enjoy your privacy without worrying whether someone next to you is looking at your phone. This is suitable whenever you are on the bus or public places that may compromise your privacy.

Made with premium tempered glass this glass can handle the abuse your display shouldn’t it is hardened and shatterproof from normal drops and falls. The glass has been rigorously tested in different scenarios and proves to protect your phone. It is scratch and scrap proof meaning it will not dent under normal circumstances otherwise, it is glass and glass breaks but the point is that the protection breaks on behalf of the real display glass. The good news is the Fotbor screen protector has a second glass in the pack making it ideal in case of breaking the first one.

Even with all that the screen protector is HD giving you a perfect color without sacrificing your protection. It offers the same quality display as the screen itself does without the protector. Visibility is not affected so you don’t need to turn up your screen brightness any higher than usual considering the privacy feature.

The Fotbor Privacy Screen Protector has an oleophobic layer that ensures it stays clean and clear. This coating is durable and harmless to both user and phone stains from oily substances and dirt are repelled and don’t adhere to the panel. It also has a sensitive response to touch giving precise feedback without delay whatsoever. With the 9 H hardened material, the screen protector will take a number of falls and scratching before you need another eliminating the cost factor of constantly replacing the protector.

It is satisfactory for all iPhone users in this category and guarantees satisfaction with its simplicity installation package it can be used by anyone. Finally, Fotbor has a 12 months warranty card for all buyers assuring integrity and trust.

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