Review about Epson EcoTank ET-15000 Wireless Color All-in-One Supertank Printer with Scanner, Copier, Fax, Ethernet and Printing up to 13 x 19 Inches

Do you have an office where you require to handle your all printing, scanning and photocopying tasks? Have you been searching for the best printer that is equipped to handle all these tasks? Epson America Inc has been a company that recently it has made milestones in advancing the printing work to be efficient and faster with its great products. These printers include the Epson EcoTank ET- 15000 wireless color all in one supertanker printer that can function as a scanner, copier, fax, ethernet and capable to do printing. This printer has multipurpose usage for all your office work necessities which it performs perfectly without glitches in operations.

What makes the Epson EcoTank the best choice for your office printing, faxing, copier and scanning tasks? This printer will offer the revolutionary techniques for making that these tasks are completed smoothly and at faster pace. This printer is designed to be capable of printing pages that measure up to 13 x 19 inches. It simply implies that your A3, A4 and other smaller dimensions and sizes can be produced by this printer perfectly for they are in the required dimension. This will be an important factor to take note of when you assign any printing task to this machine.

There are various features that this printer has that are unique to its design and size. The feature that was designed to provide printing services will include the ink cartridges, auto-documents feeder and touchscreen display for you to select the quality and quantity you wish to produce. An auto-documents feeder feature will simultaneously provide a paper sheet with blank spaces where your content shall be printed on. This is essential for printing or copying tasks that requires provision of paper sheets to the machine for it to continue producing copies in the required sequences.

It also helps to reduce time consumptions in loading each paper to the printer like those traditional printers that lacked the auto-documents feeder. Epson EcoTank will provide an ink cartridge that contains the multiple colors inks. The supertank ink cartridge will hold your ink to facilitate a long and seamless delivery of your printing needs. To replace the ink once it has come to an end will be through the use of syringes to inject the appropriate ink into the supertank. The replacing ink will be reserved in three bottles those have the corresponding exact ink that is contained in the supertank ink cartridge.

Scanning documents like notes, magazines, pictures and certificates can be done using this printer when the user accesses the menu then selects the scanner command. The scanner command will provide you with the ability to scan a document exactly as it is presented with all details captured and shown it clarity. Then, you’ll check the scanned copy on your desktop or laptop display screen where you can save it in PDF format or any other document format you may prefer. To achieve a scanning task, you must consider having this Epson EcoTank scanning cables are interconnected correctly with the casting desktop or laptop devices.

This printer was equipped with wireless internet connection for remote printing of documents from a smartphone or a laptop without connection of any cable to it. To print in a wireless mode, you require to be at a close range distance to the printer to be authorised by it to produce your work. The touchscreen display on this printer is there to provide an easy mode of accessing the menu and issuing commands for the task you would prefer to perform. This printing requires to be connected direct to the power sockets hence the power cord is availed in the box together with four EcoTank 502 ink bottles.

Finally, this tool is equipped to serve your office stationery printing necessities. The Epson EcoTank printer can be utilized in offices, churches, schools and at home to serve various purposes that it was designed to deliver. In addition, the ink for this printer is of a high-quality and affordable hence you shall be catered financially as you utilize the printer over a long time. It is easy to operate the Epson EcoTank printer and there is a user’s manual guide to illustrate more where you will find difficulties in operating it.

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