A Apple MacBook Pro (13-Inch, 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage)

Charles Babbage in 1837 created the concept design that led to the use of computers. The design was supposed to be an analytical engine that could function automatically. Since then, computers have developed into an essential tool used in industries for production, homes to browse the internet, and schools for learning. Bill Gates was an essential person to the growth and development of computers. He did so by developing the world’s largest software business called Microsoft which is mainly being used in personal computers.

Personal computers are those that use battery and can be easily carried anywhere. Examples of these are the laptops, tablets, smartphones and workstations. The most used of all is the laptop which is known for its small shape, efficiency, and powerful level of specifications or features. Different types of laptops include the windows and MacBook laptops, a look into the latter will show why they are on a rapid rise from creation till date.

MacBook is a laptop that came into existence from the company called Apple. Its official announcement came in a speech given by Steve Jobs who was the founder and designer. The MacBook uses an operating system called macOS and has a slim design. In 2008, more variants of the MacBook series were released in which some were named MacBook Pro. There have been many changes to the MacBook Pro but the most popular one to reach new heights is the version with 13 inches, 8 Gigabyte RAM, and 128 Gigabyte storage. This silver look of this product is available on different marketing platforms.

There are several reasons why this product is used often, starting with the memory, it allows for different files to copy or applications to work at a faster rate reducing the time spent to finish up. Students are the first group of people this applies to because of their high rate of copying files like movies, applications and music. The Intel Core feature lets 3D applications to function faster when in use. A real life example is seen from engineers using CAD applications for designing of houses, products and many more. Next is the graphics performance, it makes the user feel more attached to the current activity being done. Taking a look at children who love games, they would search for a laptop that would give them the best experience.

This product offers that with no glitch or poor images by making sure it feels more real-like. The security used in creating the MacBook is considered to be next-generation worthy. It ensures that there is no unauthorized entrance into the contents of the laptop either manually or from the internet. Financial workers find this to be comforting as they wouldn’t want to lose vital information on their laptops that may cost them to lose big money. Other features such as the ten-hour battery life, 802.11AC Wi-Fi, touchscreen all allow the users vast options as to how they can maximize use of this product. With all the benefits of this product, it is advisable to purchase and make use of it.

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