A Bethesda Rage Two Video Game

There are so many games being created today owing to the advancement in technology and availability of software developers who are behind this ingenious work. Many types of games of different sophistication levels are being created in this modern era. Some examples of these video games are; simulation, sports, adventure and racing video games. Such are made for various purposes which include, relaxation, stress management, creativity, socialization and relaxation. This product is a single player combat game that was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation four and Xbox One. It is a major improvement of the 2011 Rage game, and it was released on May 12, 2019. This ingenious game was created by two top-notch powerhouses; Avalanche and ID Studios.

The product here is brand new in box and weighs only 2.39 ounces. This video game is made in the United Kingdom, but it can be shipped worldwide to all those who order it along with its all accessories. Upon its release in 2019, this product became the best-selling retail game in both the United Kingdom and Japan. This game is about about a suffering world where there is no existence of society, law and order. More so, this is a first-person shooter game where you can go everywhere, shoot at anything and bomb everything that comes on your way. This is a good item that was created with much expertise owing to the high reputation of the manufacturers.

Upon its release, the game received both praise and criticism for its features and the lessons learned from the product. First and foremost, the game was praised for its combat and shooting mechanics. The combat and shooting in this carnival carnage is first class as the techniques involved in the two are well mastered and brought out efficiently in the game. In addition, the game was applauded because of the background music as the creators of the game chose a good selection of music to entertain the player. However, this item received its share of criticism after its release. This was criticised for its poor visuals and short length as the play only lasts between eight and eleven hours. More so, it was criticised because of its story line and characters as it did not promote morality in the modern era owing to the fact that it advocates for killing through shooting and bombing.

In addition, reviews about this product have always been positive owing to the game’s low level of sophistication which means that it is loved and largely played too. This can be a useful purchase for anyone who is a fanatic of video games because you will be sure to get entertained. More so, this can be a good purchase for anyone who loves war and combat stuff because this was created for such missions. This can also be a good purchase for anybody who has stress of any kind because you will be guaranteed a good management of this stress. The price is also affordable considering the fact that the game will last for so long and comes with no defects. In this regard therefore, highly recommend it to any person out there who was contemplating buying this beautiful item.

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