A Black Box IEC 320 C13 Socket To IEC 320 Power Plug Cord 6-FT

The IEC Brand new cable box allows users to be able to connect from a port to a computer server actually. With the long length of the cable that makes it easier to be able to connect from far distance without the need to suffer though, that is about 1.8 meters long. The black color of the cable makes the plug easy to blend the color with products since most of them have the color black to be precise. Connection to a UPS is so easy to do since you do not have any complexity in connecting via the IEC cord, everything is just about connecting through a power rail and having all appliances correctly connected. IEC socket to the 320 power cord is used mostly for the connectivity of PDU, that is having the cable tightly fitted there and unto a computer server.

Due to the amazing performance of the product, it’s noticed that no damage can be seen easily even if exposed regularly, also taking precautions on the need to have that in good condition is also a factor to make it safe. Some IEC cables do not last long due to the way and manner the cord was made and the fake nature of the product, they just make it to get the money of clients. But with the molded power cord plug it’s durable and strong with no damage recorded in past reviews, quite numerous testimonies about the product show the good nature of it. The way it works have been made available on the manual that is, the rate of transmission and the electrical gauge to allow users know the way to use.

With the safety protocols that has been made on the product, that is the plastic materialized outer layer used for the outer layer prevents users from getting shocked from the product. The heavy duty IEC plugs used in the cab le makes the device free from blowing off when using them, with the ability to absorb electric current at the plug base. With this absorption of voltage, current does not overwhelm the cable so as to increase the life-span of the power cord and make it last. Electric current is controlled in there so there is no need to have another stabilizer for usage.

Though, the thickened nature of the IEC plugs prevent damage from physical activities, it can withstand fire because of the hardened outer layer making the device a sort of fire proof nature. There is the need to have this sort of cord at home or office to prevent burning of damage of the appliance or even the building. Since the molded power cord does not create or bring fire outbreak but can withstand it. Many don’t know the difference between the IEC 320 C13 to C14 cords, they end up buying the wrong ones which mostly get damaged in just no time.

To get a better cord to use, it should be this type of cord for your UPS to server connection, with this no fault is seen in appliances that use the IEC 320 Power Plug.

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