A EleTab Dual Monitor Stand

The computing job market is growing in demand each day that passes. There are currently more computer services needed than ever since almost every service is being transformed from manual application to online platforms. This therefore means that for you to work effectively, you now need more than one computer display panel. In most cases, flat screen monitors are usually used. Another thing that has changed is the size of these monitor panels, as they have grown bigger. This implies that there might be constrain in terms of space usage especially when working in a compact office space. That’s why there was need to come up with an innovative way to sustain multiple panel usage.

Among the most successful solutions was the innovation of the stand holder. This is basically an arm stand that allows you to hold two or more display panels side by side. It gives you better scope to work especially for those who need multiple programs for their tasks. These stands are ideally suited for programmers since they are known for their intensive computer use. It will allow them to work faster since they each screen can be adjusted to a comfortable angle. In addition, the dual stand would work perfectly for the content creators who need to constantly check the progress of various screens. You can make use of it both at home or in the office setting.

In light of this, this new dual monitor stand comes in handy with the following specific aspects. Foremost, it’s essential to mention that the makers were keen on coming with an end product that would be robust, tough and comfortable to use. It’s for this reason that the construction of the arm was done using tough steel material. Each component is done using steel which usually has impressive strength properties. Every joinery is done diligently with a unique style that you’re likely not to find in any other brand. The steel is finished with a variety of spray paints for a fresh new look that you can customize in any interior decoration.

Another aspect of this arm stand is that it’s designed to effectively hold two screens. Its strength is sufficient to hold two screens whose sizes span up to 70 cm each with an average weight of 18 kilograms. You are therefore not limited to the type or brand of screen that you desire to install on the mount provided it does not exceed the set limits to avoid toppling. The stand further works with panels that are equipped with at least 75 by 75 mm or 100 by 100 mm of backside mounting holes, with adjustable limits.

When mounting, you can do the task using two methods. You can mount through the desk through a heavy-duty C-clamp or go with the grommet method. Enjoy full articulation that allows you to adjust the angles of the screens to at least 35 degrees or 360 degrees rotation plus height adjustment. The other feature is that the whole system offers you a neat worktop by offering neat cable management styles. Its price is reasonably set at $29, and is sure to offer you the service described in the package.

To sum it up, customize your workstation with the new panel holder that gives you freedom to use multiple screens. EleTab is the brand for the task with the affordable cost plus other perks.

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