A Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat

What is the feeling on your toes whenever you get out of a wet area like a shower? Of course the first thing you want to step on is something warm. Your feet are quite sensitive on the kind of surface that you step on, and are susceptible to change in environment. Most individuals often fall down by sliding down or skidding on the floor because of lack of a surface that the feet can hold on. At times, these accidents can get fatal especially when you go down without being prepared. That is why it’s advisable to have a firm mat immediately at the door when exiting a wet area.

Among the best brands when it comes to mat products is the Genteele. The product is manufactured in an innovative way which utilizes the best materials, and technology in the industry. You can be sure not to find any other item that matches its capacity in the market. Remember there is usually a difference between a floor mat and a rug. Some individuals often mistake a rug for a mat, and that is where they go wrong. While a rug is supposed to help in cleaning purposes, the latter is designed to provide your feet with a stepping surface especially if the floor finish is made of concrete or other cold finish. That’s why you should be keen when selecting the right mat for different areas.

So, what are the important factors to consider when purchasing such a product? Foremost, you should put into keen consideration the kind of areas that you are supposed to have the mat. This will inform the color selection and the size of the mat that you choose to buy in the shop. The good thing with the Genteele is that it is multifunctional, and therefore would look appealing in different areas of your room. The main place that the product is designated for is in wet areas like shower rooms or pool changing rooms.

Other places that you can decide to have the mat include your bedroom surface. A bedroom is a place that is expected to be warm, and therefore your feet should also enjoy the nice sensation. You don’t want to get out of bed then immediately step on a cold ground as this could as well ruin your day. Genteele mats have the right colors that can suit bedroom purposes. In addition, you can install the item at the door step of your kid’s bathrooms to protect them from skidding and breaking their bones after coming out of the shower. Living rooms would also be well suited where you can place them at strategic locations to keep feet warm.

This said, the following components comprise the unique aspects of the Genteele Mat. Foremost, the first thing that captures your eyes the moment you glance at the mat is the kind of material that was used in manufacturing. In many ways, it is the quality of material that will always dictate the overall performance of the given item. Genteele is particularly designed using polyurethane memory foam, and this makes it super comfortable and soft. Whenever you step on them you’ll almost get the sensation of being on a cloud surface.

On the outer part where the feet make contact with the mat, it is finished with a cozy coral velvet which is super soft. The thickness is not comparable to that of other brands. At the base, the item is backed using PVC dots that aid in preventing the mat from shifting or skidding whenever you step on it. It holds tightly on the ground, and remains in position. However, users should be keen not to place it on wet floors as this can make it slippery. The upper parts are non-absorbent, and this helps to improve the life span of the product.

For washing purposes, you can select to either machine wash or dry using a dryer. You should avoid using chlorine or other bleackes to keep the color from fading. There are a total of 12 colors that you can customize accordingly depending on the room and taste. Every piece measures around 35 cm by 50 cm, and will fit well with an average price of at least $12.

To sum it up, protect yourself from skidding due to wet floors, and keep your feet warm with the best brand in the market. This is the Genteele Mat, and as the name suggests it’s gentle on your soles.

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