HP 14” 10th Gen Intel core i3 -1005G1 is designed and manufactured by the Hewlett Packard company. The laptop comes with 14” IPS BrightView WLED-Backlight FHD 1920*1080 LED display resolution and a light compact keyboard. It has Microsoft Windows 10 S mode meaning that you can only install apps from the Microsoft store and browse using MS Edge but it can be upgraded to Windows 10 Home.

The laptop is equipped with an Intel Core i3 processor with CPU speed of 1 2 GHz, the processor has enough speed to ensure that a user can perform multiple tasks simultaneously. This Hp can run various applications and programs which are installed smoothly without any delays. It packs a 4 GB Ram which is excellent enough to enable the user to surf the internet comfortably. Live stream videos as well as video conferencing, making it an ideal machine for someone searching for a gadget that can be used at home and in the office.

Stylish Hp comes with a 128 GB internal memory which extends its storage capacity to enable faster loading of the operating system when the computer is booting. Additionally, multiple documents, audio, and also video files get a place in the hard disk. This amount of memory makes HP a very idea gadget for students to use. Apart from that students can install basic computer games and enjoy playing them as a way of passing time as the UHD Graphics Coprocessor installed can easily handle these number of tasks.

This laptop has a headphone and microphone combo whereby you can easily listen to your music from external speakers and record audio speeches. With the inclusion of a camera conducting online job meetings and chatting with friends is sorted when you acquire this device. It also has a built-in media reader whereby you can transfer any type of media between various devices using a memory card, or even a flash disk that can be inserted in the available USB ports. Screen sharing is taken to a whole new level as this gadget comes with an HDMI port where an HDMI cable can be inserted and the screen projected to a much larger high definition screen.

For anyone looking to use this computer to access media from the internet, it has 802 11ac wireless communication technology providing the ability to connect to an available Wi-Fi hotspot at any given moment. Bluetooth connectivity has been availed and media can be sent and received from nearby Bluetooth connected devices.

With a weight of 4 34 lbs only this laptop is easily portable from one place to another without ant strains, it can easily be inserted in a backpack laptop carrier. The Lithium Polymer battery is capable of charging faster thanks to its advanced HP charger and it can last up to 6 hours of intensive usage. Enjoy carrying your all files anywhere and have access to emails at any time as well as listen and watch to your favorite music and videos. Play your favorite games comfortably in this unique stylish device.

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