A HP Stream 14-inch Laptop, AMD Dual-Core A4-9120E Processor

As a student, the main goal of education is to come out with the best grade possible from any institution you are attending. There are several things that are done to achieve this like reading and paying attention in classes. These 2 processes are few of the major actions done in the nineteenth and twentieth century. The 21st century brought about more rise to computers that made learners rethink ways to achieve better grades because it already made the institutions to revise their teaching methods. Lecture notes and videos could be created on it to enable learners to have more knowledge or insight into what is being taught. With the Internet’s existence becoming integrated into all aspects of life, education systems never lagged behind.

The internet allowed for classes to be taken online, quick delivery of necessary information to students, etc. Students also used the internet to make proper research for more understanding when needed. Computers were the first equipment used to access the internet before others like smartphones and tablets were considered. Personal computers were innovations derived from desktop computers based on better access and easy use. Till date, this transition is one that is been referred to as genius in the technology world. The likes of Microsoft, HP, Samsung, Apple, Acer have greatly benefited from it.

Laptops are personal computers with the highest number of users in all work fields. Learners especially those in higher institutions belong to this category, they use laptops for all aspects of learning and exam activities. An example is persons creating slides on Microsoft PowerPoint to show a large audience using a projector, this makes it easier for the crowd to understand everything the speaker is saying. Furthermore, there is the use of laptops in recording and listening to lectures in audio format.

Many students will want to pick a versatile laptop that will make them achieve good success. There are many brands with different specifications and features that are attractive. In 2019, the HP Stream 14-inch Laptop, AMD Dual-Core Processor, 4 GB SDRAM, 64 GB eMMC, Windows 10 Home in S Mode with Office 365 Personal for One Year was made available on major platforms. This product was created by HP to give students of all courses satisfaction that they have an item to meet all their needs. HP (Hewlett Packard) is a technological brand that has spent several years in giving customers quality and efficient commodities.

The first thing that comes with this special commodity from HP is the free office 365 package for one year. Microsoft Office elements such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel have been crucial in any form of education in this twenty-first century which is why it is in high demand. For the first year of purchase, students don’t have to struggle in paying the subscription and can enjoy this package with ease. Files can be stored online with the free one terabyte of Onedrive space for one year. A thin and lightweight design was embedded into this laptop’s design to give it a good look, and not to take up so much space in the user’s bag. The lightweight feature similarly allows for long periods carrying of this product without feeling body or neck pains depending on the kind of bag.

With strong battery life, customers can enjoy the usage of this HP commodity while gaming, watching shows, and listening to songs. The core processor allows for heavy applications to work normally as intended without glitches or slow performance. Engineers benefit well from this as they make use of applications like Autocad, Solidworks to design and invent ideas. A 14-inch display is more than enough for any user to enjoy gaming or binge-watching a movie. The screen is made to withstand a good deal of pressure thereby ensuring it remains in shape in case of a laptop fall.

A procedure of Bios retrieval and safety helps to prevent the dangers of viruses, data loss of the product. Windows 10 is the operating system that HP prefers, this is because of its popularity with the best versatility many users require. There is a one year warranty on this product to show the customers they can put their trust in it. This commodity is sold on all the right platforms with a good price.

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