A JBL Club WS1200 Shallow Mount Subwoofer

Human beings have always had an inclination towards listening music, and that’s why audio remains an important aspect in life. It’s as important as the visuals since it helps to complement it. Basically, you can’t coordinate what you are seeing without listening to sound which is crucial in making sense of everything that your mind perceives. That’s why there has always been a constant struggle to come up with the perfect stereo systems that can produce the finest voice quality that encompasses fine bass or clear frequency. The struggle hasn’t been a mean task, but with recent developments there is hope in modern systems.

One peculiar characteristic that older speakers had was that they were huge and bulky. Even in their large sizes that seemed intimidating, they could not offer satisfying results. Most of the times they ended up producing more noise than a clear sound with lots of interferences when it comes to frequency delivery. The impact was that many events were destroyed since there was no clarity, you couldn’t hear clearly what the speaker was saying. There was intensive distortion of the original vocal input. This is however long gone with the latest advances especially those applied by the JBL audio brand.

JBL is a unique audio manufacturer brand since they have experienced varying eras. Its expertise in the industry can’t be matched by any other, and that’s why it remains the most reliable brand selection to seek. Their most recent release in the series of woofers is the JBL Club WS1200 Shallow Mount Subwoofer. It’s simply a powerhouse when it comes to aspects of bass and voice amplification. Unlike older models, its size is relatively reduced yet its power is almost three times more than the preceding model. Its low profile make is the distinguishing factor that makes it to stand out among the rest in the market currently.

Speakers have always been the center of attention in meeting rooms that are controlled by public address systems. They often take a significant amount of space that could be used in accommodating more people or doing other functions. The JBL is bringing in a new narrative of optimal space usage with its compact profile. There is no space that the speaker can’t fit, and this is what makes it ideal for use in car stereos. Your car interior should look neat with a nice stereo arrangement that offers premium bass. Having a minimum of two such items would boost the musical experience of your drive hours.

So, what are some main product components that the JBL is suited with to offer customers the best experience? Foremost, the JBL WS1200 offers incredible installation flexibility, and this is a crucial aspect that other brands lack. You can therefore fit in any kind of profile you desire, and this opens up the slot for exploring various creative designs. That’s why it can ideally fit in a small car or the big bus or even in your living room as part of your home theater. In addition, for application in open spaces, the design is elegant to maintain that appealing look that you’d expect for a modern subwoofer.

When it comes to the dynamics of performance design, the makers did some justice to their particular model. As you explore the make, you’ll notice that the cones are made using polypropylene which was a deliberate move. It ensures that the JBL woofer cones can offer outstanding bass response even at frequencies that range to as low as 27 Hz. This is the lowest frequency sensitivity it can achieve with a high of up to 175 Hz, and is therefore a reliable tool when you compare with ratings in other stereos. The implication of this is that the listener can still enjoy high levels of bass clarity even when the volume is low.

Another technology employed in this particular brand is the Harman-Proprietary Selectable Smart Impedance. This tech allows the subwoofer to work with either 2 ohms or 4 ohms of power load. Generally, it has the capacity of handling wattage of at least 250W and 1000W at peak levels. The price set for this subwoofer is impressive, with an initial cost of at least $98.

To sum it up, upgrade your stereo experience by selecting the best subwoofer brand. JBL WS1200 is the model for the noble task of offering premium sound experience.

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