A Kobe Bryant’s Black and White Photograph Portrait

Kobe Bean Bryant was born in August 23, 1978 in Philadelphia, United States of America. He was a professional basketball player who played for the Los Angeles Lakers as a shooting guard. In his entire basketball career from 1996 to 2016 he played for the Lakers and held several accolades due to his outstanding performance in his club and the entire NBA. He joined the club directly from high school after being recognized as a top high school basketball player during that time. His image is of great importance to those who held him as a role model and his fans.

The black and white image of Kobe Bryant remains to be symbolic among many who have heard of his outstanding performance in the NBA. Being a black American, he was a unifying factor between the blacks and the whites by ensuring since he attracted from both due to his performance. Most basketball lovers enjoyed watching him play and therefore his image is a reminder of his heroic life.

The image is a motivation to most young people who are encouraged to follow their dreams. His image is a motivator to most youths who wish to follow their passion in life. Kobe Bryant joined NBA at a young age directly from high school. His image therefore motivates young talents not to relent but work towards achieving their dreams. The portrait motivates buyers to recognize their abilities at an early age so that they may have enough time to develop them into something great.

Kobe Bryant’s portrait serves as an encouragement to those who believe in hard work. He made a good living from playing basketball which requires constant practice, training and exercise. His image reminds buyers that the best way to make a beautiful living is by developing the small abilities and talents in them. It serves as a wake up call to all, to be active in whatever things we do since they could be the bridges to greater achievements. This is portrayed by his exceptional performance in basketball at high school level which earned him a slot in the NBA.

The black and white portrait reminds Americans of their hero who led their country into winning several medals. His image is a source of pride to buyers who celebrate his achievements. Patriots who aspire to be great statesmen in their particular nations will be encouraged by the portrait to perform in an exemplary way in whatever they do to receive recognition. It encourages those with talents to do what they love perfectly and practice towards being a better and achieving more.

Kobe Bryant’s portrait encourages buyers to work with those whom they differ with at workplaces, home or whichever environment to achieve a common goal. He led the Los Angeles Lakers into victory three consecutive times despite having a disagreement with a teammate, Shaquille O’Neal. The image reminds buyers not to concentrate on their differences but concentrate on what brings good things for all. He showed his fans the importance of ignoring differences and cultivating on what makes us united. Kobe Byrant’s portrait reminds buyers to enjoy every moment of their lives since we can only be certain of the present. Having died at young age of 41 yrs, the memory encourages us to love all and make peace with those around us while still alive.

The image reminds buyers, who may be parents, to find out and nurture the talents of their children. His career as a professional basketball player was influenced by his father who was also a basketball player. Bryant’s daughter was also a basketball player which was more likely to have been influenced by her father. Buyers are motivated to be good examples for their children to emulate. The image motivates buyers to standout in whatever they do since this will leave memories on their loved ones once they pass on.

Kobe Bryant’s image will be a motivation to other celebrities to handle scandals that befall them during their career life. He was once accused of sexual assault by a hotel attendant which he remorsefully apologized publicly for having been in an affair with her, though he denied having assaulted her. His bold behavior to publicly apologize encourages buyers to admit their mistakes and seek apology. It teaches celebrities to live responsibly since they are public figures.

The black and white portrait of Kobe Bryant carries hundreds of messages to buyers in their daily lives. It encourages buyers to be responsible, committed, remorseful and accommodative as they perform their duties. The image serves as a source of prestige among his fans, most basketball players and all Americans for the titles and records he held during his career. This portrait is a brand and all who buy it pride in living their best to leave good memories once they depart.

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