A New Microsoft Surface Dock 2

Surface Docks make your work done easier on a single file, and the desk you work is kept not occupied with many cables because they would disturb your work. Microsoft have released a new Microsoft Surface dock 2, with everything neatly packed on a single product. You might not understand what a Microsoft Surface dock is used for or what does it functions, which will make you overlook it because of ignorance. Purpose of a Microsoft Surface dock is for transferring videos, audio and data using a single cable. The dock would use the Surface connect technology that gives your transfers greater speed, and your desk is free from lots of wires running over.

So, in simpler terms, the Surface dock acts as a mother or a house that receives all the information from outside connections, so that the user would just have a single cable connected to your PC, while receiving all the mentioned data.

The Microsoft Surface dock 2 lets you transform the surface in a desktop by providing every single connection needed. Product has got the next-gen ports that are unique for receiving numerous data cables. Microsoft Surface is easy to use for new customers who have not been conditioned to this technology before. Simply attach the Surface connect cable so that your device could be charged, and plug the external device like the mouse, keyboard, and monitors.

The product consists a number of six USB cables that are found on the various sides of the new Microsoft Surface dock. On the front face, you will locate two USB-C, rear face has got other 2 USB-gen, and the last rear is designed with another USB-A. For audio transmission, there is the auto-audio jerk which is 3, 5 mm, and supported with a one gigbit Ethernet Kensington lock. Item weight is 0, 87 kg with dimensions of 28, 09 cm, and 9, 98 cm, and 9, 39 cm. Top and bottom surfaces are so flat that it sits well on flat surfaces, the corners are not sharp pointed, they have been made a little rounded so that it won’t cause problems or hurt the user when mistakenly collides.

From the measurements given, you can find out that a Microsoft Surface can fit perfectly well in the palm of your hand but it does great job to make life easier for you. Microsoft Surface dock produced 199 watts of power supply, and is compatible with dual 4K that is at 60Hz. The Surface connect cable used is long enough to link up from external devices, which is your mouse, desktop and audio, to your machine because it’s 80 cm long.

Get yourself the cheapest Microsoft Surface dock 2 because there are various advantages that include easy set up, designed with all the ports you need. The Surface was created to give the maximum efficiency because it instantly transforms your Surface into a desktop PC. There are numerous USB ports provided to have all your external cables plugged on it, and the cable is long enough to run to your PC.

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