A Revew for the 1985 Garbage Pail Kids cards series 2 set

Card games have existed since the beginning of the time and many people from different parts of the world engage in different types of card games such as Monopoly. Some people are collectors and engage in collecting card sets as a pass time. There are very many types of cards from different companies around the world. Different sets of cards have varying number of cards in them. These cards can either come in wrappers or card boxes. Cards have for a long time served as great pass times as people engage them in different games.

They can be used by all people from different age groups since they are easy to use.The 1985 Garbage Pail Kids cards series 2 complete set was originally designed to imitate the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls which were popular around that time. These cards have a Garbage Pail kid character with some form of comical abnormality. The cards also have a humorous word play name for the character on them. This set contains cards which have a blue background and a banner on the side which indicates the series number. These cards have been designed in such a way that they can be found in both glossy and matte finishes according to your preference.

This set of cards can be used by all people from all ages and has not been limited to any specific group. Children are not left out of this set of cards since they are found in a beautiful blue colour that will attract their attention. Most of the card backs are filled with puzzle pieces which when arranged in specific patterns,they will form giant murals hence this would be a good purchase for artists from different parts of the world. Cartoon developers would also find this card set useful since each card has a different character which would provide new character development for animated films.

Renown collectors would want this card set since each card has a different back pattern which would make this a good collection. They would also want this cards set simply because it is hard to find but not a rare piece to add to their collection. Mural painters would also fancy to have a set of this card series since their puzzle features would help spike their imaginations to come up with new mural paintings. Parents would fancy this set of cards to add to their family game nights collection because playing cards has proven to be a very good pastime.

This set of cards is useful since the cards can be used for mind games or simply as parts of a puzzle. They can also be used to spike the creativity of art students and mural painters due to their vibrant display. Thisnet cards is also a great asset since it has 41 sets of cards with each card having a duplicate making the series a complete set of 82 cards. The cards are in a and b variations. On top of that can 49B can not only be found as Schitzo Fran but also as fran FRAN making this pack of cards unique. Wrappers for this cards are also easy to find since they are cheap and can also be found as free offers.

This would be a good purchase since it is a unique set of cards from way back then and tough to find. It is also a good purchase since the cards are light hence they can be carried around and used at anytime you please. The cards can also be found on online platforms despite them coming in limited edition hence this makes it easier to access them. Despite the card series being pricey it is cheaper than the 1985 Garbage Pail Kids cards series 1 set making it a better option.

To sum it up, this purchase is a very good addition to your card collection if you are a collector. It is also a good addition to casino games since it is very involving of your mind. Students would also find this cards handy during bad weather since the cards can be used for indoor games ensuring they still have fun despite bad weather. These cards will help improve your IQ as they make you engage your mind during the game. Anyone would fancy to have these cards as they are a limited edition at a convenient price.

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