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The product under review today is originally manufactured by honboo which is a technological company. Once, you buy the item from an online shop like Amazon you’ll see that it has so much to offer. Its main contents include; a Wi-Fi charger camera, card reader, reset needle and a user manual. The product is initially designed to act as a USB charger but it does so much more, which are clearly highlighted below.

Number one amazing feature of the USB charger is that it has a built-in spy camera. Someone would simply ignore this because it looks like an ordinary charger, making it hard to detect. The camera is usually located above the USB slot, you would actually think it is some sort of small light bulb used to detect if current is flowing in or not.

It also has a motion detector, so if something moves near the camera view it automatically senses. Another amazing ability is to send you a notification on your phone about the current situation. After motion is detected, it records a video and saves it in the SD card. Therefore, giving you concrete evidence incase something unexpected happens.

Another totally awesome thing about the product is that it is portable. You can be able to carry it anywhere you want, according to the manufacturer, it only weighs about 1.12. This makes it as light as a feather if you compare it to other normal camera. Other commercially used cameras may weigh up to 5 times the weight of this charger.

The other feature about the spy camera is that it provides a high-quality surveillance footage. It records quality videos and images of 1080p high definition, this makes it compete with other CCTV cameras making it one of the best. In fact, other cameras may actually provide poor quality.

If, you are looking for a security camera that can record videos even in little light intensities. Then you might as well consider this charger, in case of break-ins in the middle of the night the camera can record the videos even when the lights are off, giving you full proof security.

You may ask how do you monitor the videos recorded? This can be easily done remotely wherever you may be. The hidden camera comes with an app that lets you view the footage on your digital devices, including phones, tablets and laptops.

Incase you have any problems using the device, the manufacturer provides a tech support services. They will help you install the device and get it all running for you.

This product can be used by both the young and old, the user manual that comes with it clearly outlines the steps that are needed to get it running. If, you ever wanted to know more about the nanny taking care of your kids while at work you can do so. All you need is to set the charger and you are good to go. You will be able to know the true intentions of the nanny you hired for your kids.

It may be that you are living in an insecure area, the camera can act as a security measure in your house. Who would want to steal a regular charger anyway? It is certain camouflaged as a charger to make it as unnoticeable as possible.

The product can be used incase you need to spy on your children. Whether they are doing the assigned duties or not, the hidden camera will clearly be the proof for you. If, you not all about security, the camera will come in handy incase you want to relive a funny moment that you might want to record.

This might be one of the best products in terms of providing security. Unlike regular spy cams, this one is close to impossible to be noticeable. It is very tiny and is not placed on the usual spots for CCTV cameras where they can be noticed. And that alone is a plus, it is also compatible with both android and iPhone USB cables giving you the power you need for your phone.

In conclusion, if you are looking for high-tech security surveillance with little detection. Then this might just be the right product for you, not only does it provide good quality videos but also enables you to charge your phone. At the end of the day, all we want is to be sure that the years of hard work are safe from theft. If that’s your main goal then do consider buying this product, it is a win-win situation.

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