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When somebody writes a real life story book they normally tend to not only inform us about themselves but also try to give us some inspiration. An American author by the name Mike Day together with his counterpart Robert Vela, known for his best-selling novel A Warrior’s Faith. The two brave men did just that by giving us the privilege of reading their life story. Mike Day served as a former Navy soldier in the military and it was then that he got inspired to be an author. His new book by the title Perfectly Wounded, is sure to leave you in tears, surprise, courage and respect to soldiers who sacrifice themselves for us. The novel was published on 9th of June 2020, and it is just one of the many books that aims at inspiring you.

It covers the early life of Mike Day up to the recent times when he served as a Navy soldier in the army. During his time there he was stationed in Iraq which is a country famous for the brutal and heartless terrorist known as the Al-Qaeda. With his Team of Navy Seals accompanied by some local scouts while on a mission they got ambushed by the terrorist attackers. He was shot twenty-seven times, but regardless of this he managed to rescue some hostages that were held captive. Mike successfully killed the remaining terrorist and walked to an awaiting chopper all on his own. Not to mention that the terrorist had also launched a grenade at him.

After his miraculous and almost impossible survival, it was during his stay in hospital that he lost almost half of his body weight in just two weeks. It would later take him two years for his bullet wounds to properly heal, even so the scars still remain. Dave as a veteran was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder that he still fights with. It is indeed true that the invisible scars of war are much greater than any other visible wounds. His story clearly tells it all for all those brave men and women who put on uniforms, and firmly hold on to their guns for them to protect innocent lives. The trials, war, and triumphant victory that is displayed in the book will leave you in utmost amazement.

This book comes as an eye-opener to us as civilians to see that with every battle won there is always a silent cry for help. Because of the brain disorder, many of our veterans and heroes find it hard to come back and assume civilian life. They always feel out of place because of the horrible scenes that they were exposed to during their term in military. That is why some of them end up taking suicide as an option of ending the self war that still continues in their mind. It should now be up to us to take care of our heroes when they need us the most instead of ignoring them.

Heroes don’t have to wear capes and masks to be super, this book will give you a new perspective on what it takes to be one. It is definitely a great purchase for all those who need inspiration in their life and line of work. If you are into reading books then Perfectly Wounded should come on the must read section.

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