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A Review on the Valentine Novel

The Valentine is a novel by Elizabeth Wetmore that evokes the emotions of the readers and presents the life of the inhabitants of West Texas in the 1970s. This novel is remarkably told brilliantly, and its prose is on point and narrates tragedies in a white-male dominated society. In the story, Glory Ramerez is treated unjustly because of her gender and ethnicity where she raped and left by herself to die.

Women ally to help each other to seek justice for the injustices done to Gloria. Mary seems most hurt by the act done to the young girl and is willing to do all she can to ensure that justice is served.

Elizabeth can transfer the reader into the ancient days in West Texas by correctly utilizing time and place. She presents the bitterness of past oil booms gone bust where everyone suffers in society. This story is more about the people than the event, who eventually bid together in collaboration against one tragic event.

The Valentine is generally a novel that presents a blast of feminists who fight against toxic cultural believes and practices that result in violence against women. Elizabeth presents a novel that is exhilarating to read despite the seriousness of the matter where the drama and the characters are very compelling.

The author seeks to haunt the consciousness of the people for being violent, racists and following toxic religious beliefs. Despite revealing darkness and horror, Elizabeth also tries to present beauty and hope at the end of the struggles. The story can present vulnerability as well as the strength of women. Women, despite their lack of education or money, can fight for what is right for them and deal with toxic masculinity.

Elizabeth can clear the minds of the readers who believe that justice and love always prevails. Sometimes justice is never served, and love does not always win because life is not a fairy tale. Bad people do engage in immoral acts and go free, and some good people always suffer in the hands of the wrong people.

The oil boom economy in the novel traps men in back-breaking and dangerous jobs, who direct their rage to the women whom they are trapped in the marriages with. Men face death regularly in fights, pipeline explosions, and gas leaks while the men usually kill the women. It is a male world and women are living in it so they should know their place.

Apart from male dominance and injustices in the novel, Elizabeth depicts a few decent men. Some of these include Suzanne’s husband, a traumatized Vietnam veteran and Gloria’s uncle. Despite their excellent characters, they are also faced with a challenge seeing beyond the injustices done in West Africa. The novel presents the steps and struggles that led to the resolution of West Texas.

This book is a good read for everyone for it guarantees to arouse emotions in everyone. The book is affordable and provides copies online for people who prefer reading online. Many people have analyzed the book and, therefore, it is easy to have access to the points you fail to understand in the novel online.

Through this book, men learn the need to respect women, and that women are not property, and they should be accorded with respect. Women can showcase their power and reveal that they require equal rights with the men and to what extent they can go to ensure justice is served. Also, this book acts as consolation during the times you feel life is difficult or things are going contrary to the expectations. Once you learn people have suffered more than you are suffering today, you can endure more.

This book is also able to present the power of unity and togetherness. United, people can be able to achieve the unachievable. Sometimes, we only have a voice when we speak as one and togetherness ensures success in all endeavors.

In conclusion, The Valentine is a novel by Elizabeth Wetmore that evoked the isolation of the inhabitants of West Texas in the 1970s. The novel narrates tragedies in a white-male dominated society. This book is a good read for everyone for it guarantees to arouse emotions in everyone. We achieve moral awakens from this novel and learn the need to respect others and be united as well as le aware of the reality of life.

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