A smart watch with 14 days smart battery life

Smartwatch makers definitely hoped to catch up with all social platforms, but unfortunate enough that they couldn’t catch up with what they hoped for. Truth be told-smartwatch is nothing but another device that you need to charge every day and you can see many options but can’t use properly any of them, although everyone loves to wear one. Smartwatch is available with different types of operating systems, you can choose whichever you like to use. Here is another smartwatch from Timex which looks absolutely good, battery charge going to last almost 14 days which is unbelievable.

Timex is not a common name in the watch field, they have provided many authentic and innovative watches, so it’s not a surprise that they are making a really eye-catching smartwatch. This Silicone Strap Smartwatch has a high resolution which is 1.65” and you are going to have a hard time believing its battery life, it is made with 20 mm black silicone strap feature, and 36 mm aluminum alloy case with gorilla glass. Your 24 hours activity will be tracked by this device, steps you have crossed, distance, calories measurement, of course, sleep, all in one. We all want to track our heart rate as it is truly important for our health and this watch providing reconcilable service where we easily can track.

You can set up your social platforms notification like SMS, Facebook, Email, WhatsApp, you can use phone finder, music control. Some services are very useful for us, some times we miss some necessary notification or being late to see, but we can easily get notified by using this smartwatch. It can resist water normally, not suitable for swimming or bathing, so you should not swim or bath by wearing this, it can damage your whole device. You can see all options by swiping up, a perfect smartwatch for our busy life.

This watch is a buy worthy product for its design altogether, it does have a glass covering the wrist, simple and handsomely realistic, not newish, that is a great thing. Another good thing is watchbands, quality watch bands come from Silicone, Nylon or leather. And this watches Black Silicone band going to win for a long time, a black bands watch is always looks quite stylish. Timex says its warranty is 1 year and the battery is good, a year warranty is a good thing, you always can use their service in this period of time if you face any difficulty in using the smartwatch.

End of the day, it’s a good-looking watch, you will look quite stylish with all the facilities you need. If your priority is fitness tracking, then it is good for you and you can choose without giving a thought. This smartwatch has a GPS, we need GPS for our modern life, GPS is inevitable as we all want each other’s whereabouts and the exact place where we are going. It has Bluetooth too, it is useful for any file transfer. So, you can buy it for its services.

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