A The Exciting Novel, False Appearances: Ben Porter Series – Book One

False Assurances is the first book in the Ben Porter series as well as the first book written by the author, Christopher Roslow and is a fulfillment of his dream to write. The Connecticut based author who works with design and construction space dedicated time and effort into the writing of this interesting novel. He is highly talented and now has the first and second books in the Ben Porter series to his credit. This novel of about 380 pages was published by the Quadrant Publishing Company LLC in April this year. The book is set to be sold in very large quantities as the highly talented author has released an incredible page turner that keeps readers on their toes even up till the last page.

Ben Porter, the main character in the book works in the statistics department of the FBI, a position that suggests that he is smart, and a high intellectual capacity. Porter would not be fat if he lost a few calories though, but it is not surprising that he considers the training he has to take to become a field agent a long and grueling process even though he wants to be an agent.

He gets an unusual opportunity to live out his dream and work on the field on a day that the FBI field agents are to cover a presidential visit to the downtown area of Boston. The department gets a call they think is fake and assign him to verify the claim. Obviously, they expect that the call is fake as they would have sent a proper field agent in instead of Ben Porter as a terrorist attack was not a small threat.

This assumption of the Boston FBI that made them send Ben Porter into the field without training endangered his life, but it speaks well of their principle that they sent him in at all considering the fact that the call from the rescued man was not taken seriously. Ben Parker is lucky that day and although he does not think much of himself, he shows courage and strategic thinking when he follows up on the case and attempts to stop the attack. Christopher Roslow has adeptly captured an exciting depiction of a normal FBI worker who is thrown out of his depth and has created a character the reader can sympathize with. This, along with the fact that the diction of the author is easy to understand, makes False Appearances an amazing read for action loving teenagers and adults.

The book, False Appearances is a novel sold in hard back and E-book forms for the enjoyment of avid readers around the world. It has a best-selling potential and can even be made into a movie in the future. The hard and soft copies are sold at a fair price on different websites, and is worth the amount for which it is sold. It has received a five-star rating on different website, and a glowing review from James Patterson and readers around the world.

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