A the YETI Rambler 30 oz stainless steel vacuum insulated tumbler w/magslide lid, Black

Drinks happen to be a major factor in our day-to-day lives, from the people working in the offices, to those staying at home. You oftenly feel an urge for a sip of your favourite drink during your daily activities. There is therefore, a need to find a complementing tumbler to help you quench your thirst with your favourite drink wherever you go. The answer to this is the YETI Rambler stain-less steel tumblers made to perfection for you.

To start with, the lid of this tumbler is designed to maintain the highest hygiene standard ever. It has the YETI magslide lid that uses a magnet to lock. Once you open, it automatically locks in its contents whenever you are done using it. It doesn’t pose the danger of contaminating your drink in the process of you, taking it. Again the lid does not become loose as it uses a magnet to lock and so the contents in the tumbler cannot be lost or spilt out.

The tumbler is double-wall insulated with an 18/8 stain-less steel body. This helps to keep your drink at its original temperatures to ensure that you enjoy your drink the way you wanted it to be. It also prevents the drink from spoiling due to a change of temperature. The best part of this feature is that it doesn’t matter the period the drink stays in the tumbler, it will be on its original temperature when you are using it.

Another amazing feature of this tumbler is the colouring. Entirely, the colouring has been done with expertise by duracoat giving it the best classy look ever. The Black thick colour does not fade even on continuous industrial use. It doesn’t peel off or crack even after using for a long period. The colouring also add to the grip of the tumbler as it is thick and has layers.

YETI tumblers are BPA free to mean that their construction doesn’t involve the Bisphenol organic compound. This is a measure that ensures that the user of the tumbler is in perfect health while using it. It is perfectly made to ensure that it doesn’t pose any danger to the life of the person using them. The tumbler is also dishwasher safe and ensures that hygiene is maintained to the highest level.

YETI tumblers have a no-sweat design to mean that they do not make your hands sweat. This is a classic feature that helps you to stay dry and comfortable with your hands even after handling the tumbler. It is also a hygienic standard to ensure that your drink is not contaminated by sweat. Sweat is generated mostly by handling surfaces with a higher temperature. These tumblers are designed that they are not affected by the sorrounding temperatures.

Our YETI cans are also designed to be shatter resistant for strong protection and defence for your drink. This tumbler cannot be destroyed easily even when they drop from heights or are hit by hard objects. The stain-less steel provides a strong defence against breaking and tearing the outer surface. A hard metal covers the surface of the tumbler on the outside and a double-wall of steel on the inside.

Another amazing feature of these YETI tumblers is the size they come with. They are 7 5/8 high with a lip diameter of 4 in; they are sized to fit the standard cup holders. This makes sure that you are so comfortable drinking from them and also handling them. They are comfortable to walk around with and are not heavy as they are of steel. Due to the design they are built from the outside, the YETI tumblers have a sense of elegance and class. Carrying them adds you a social class as they are designed to look great. The colours too are designed to match with various outfits depending on the event of the day.

Our tumblers come at a very affordable price, and they can be delivered right at your door-step. Anyone looking for class and perfection should think of trying this YETI tumblers. The best thing about buying a YETI tumbler is that there are no additional cost after buying. Choose the comfort of drinking your favourite drink in your office, bus or any other occasion or even at home; choose the YETI stain-less steel tumblers.

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