Advanced Coma-Free Telescope

Producing premium brands demand an extra mile and Meade have stepped to produce brands with certified features for you. The company is rooted with years of research to ensure they make goods that are safe and qualified for usage. They are the leading producers of instruments that provide prime services and have made a worth telescope. This item has universal standards and is fit for universities offering aerospace training. Installation is simple and takes less than six minutes to assemble the telescope easy to install. Its weight is heavy but this does not limit the product from being transported, it is portable although you must handle the eyepiece with care and you should not keep it close to metallic surfaces to avoid scratches.

Price-tags are reasonable and the telescope is used by professional industries such as NASA and this assures you of perfection. A case, DustCaps, Rubber Eyecups and an eyepiece are all included and well-enclosed by a box. Primary Mirror Lock enables a locking mechanism, an excellent feature during long exposure. L×200 model mechanical loading and fast capturing, alignment is effortless for precision. Facial length is 3048 mm with a focal fraction of f/10 to provide a wide angle of view. The telescope is coated with UHTC for longevity and a wide aperture to make an image to be more clear, quality and closer.

Mead experts have improved the telescope by compacting secondary mirrors with lens that perform a hyperbolic element unlike traditional RC that deliver a flat field of view because the primary mirrors are combined with secondary mirrors. Advanced telescope is designed to eliminate diffraction spikes and improve clarity. Other ordinary brands have a defect where light rays do not meet at the focal point and this produce a blurred image unlike this telescope absent from the defect. Super Plossl 4000 Eyepiece 40 mm yield the widest possible field of view for sharpness. Image contrast is optimum as the design permit high-level of optical performance.

The eyepiece has a soft rubber eyeguard that protects the eyeglasses from damage by the metal piece housing. This protects the glass from breakages and secures it from unexpected mishandling. Rubber grips ease handling as they are poor conductors of heat and this perfects usage in cold conditions. The latest optical technology succeeds observation of lunar and planetary details. Let your kids to explore the nature using this product, you can set the telescope early in the morning and view several planets before the sun fully sets. You can clearly see mercury, the sun’s appearance and other planets, late at night you can use the gadget to look at the stars, meteors among other heavenly bodies.

Learning institutions can raise knowledgeable geographers by including the telescope in their institutions which has 16 Channel GPS receiver. The company offers a one-year warrant for protection, you can contact back the company in case of any failures. Fabrication team is ready to work upon your order and make sure you receive an item with difference as fast as possible. Subscriber counts are exponentially amazing and the number of followers in the social connection is the largest. Testimonials left behind by clients who have worked with this item are positive. Those interested can proceed and purchase the Advanced Coma Telescope, a premium product made of quality.

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