AKASO DL12 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam 12

Technology advance has finally presented us a new era of driving mirrors that will serve to upgrade the way we keep trace of the car’s environment. This is not literally a mirror, but a pair of cameras crafted for giving the driver a clearer picture of the road than the usual mirror. One camera is set facing forward to focus on the direction the car is facing. The other piece is placed facing the rear direction to capture the rear happenings. A screen that replaces the driver’s mirror is placed at its point to give the drivers the view they pick.

This device is specially designed for drivers, most especially personal car drivers but can still be conveniently modified to serve commercial vehicles. When setting it, the one camera is placed facing the front view of the car. With this, it gives the driver a better, more clear view of what is happening in front of the car. This is important as it can even zoom beyond driver’s eye focal length. The rear camera setting may pose as a challenge in setting, but it only needs a point where it can capture the rear-view appropriately giving driver a good, well-balanced road-angle.

When considering which view to focus on, the driver can choose to display either the frontal or the rearview on screen. The screen only displays one view therefore reducing the confusion this can bring to a driver. Unlike the traditional mirror, the screen is wide therefore giving a wider field of view to the user. An additional significance is the one for reversing guideline the device automatically brings when one moves to the rear. The screen automatically shows how to safely move backwards and pack without hitting stuff. An arrow appears at the bottom of display to direct on how to navigate.

The greatest privilege it offers over the traditional mirror is night vision. The gadget comes with an ability to give a clear picture even in total darkness when headlights are turned off. This makes night travel easier and reduces the chances of causing an accident or hitting something. The device can therefore both give a good vision and record clearly like it was day. When one leaves the car, they can still keep track of the vehicle’s surrounding, made possible by the camera staying on and recording things both in day and night.

In terms of focal length, both cameras come in “1080p and 170°” super wide angle. Recording the HD driving details in front of your car and behind the car simultaneously with the total 340° viewing angle. With this, it offers better privileges to the driver as compared to a mirror that is a struggle to interpret its displayed contents. Its display is also wide enough to show the user quality view of the road and beyond. Picture quality of the cameras is outstanding, they can zoom in and out of the focus therefore an easy time even in misty weathers.

A conversation about cameras can never end without mentioning storage space. This product comes with a 32 GB SD card included, up to 128 GB SD Card storage. With a 32 GB Class 10 SD Card in the package, no need to buy any SD card separately, it is all accessories out of one package and you can install and use it upon receipt of this dash cam. The space is large and would take quite a long time to fill, even when filled the product is set to automatically overwrite old videos. As a result the camera is always in operation and won’t need to stop for users to create space or delete old videos.

Therefore, this device is of a great significance to drivers in many unique ways. It is definitely a progressive step towards safer driving and security to car owners. From its user machine interface to the easy-to understand gestures it comes with, there’s no doubt the future is bright with this tool. The revolution it brings in the field of driving is remarkable and with time it can come to replace traditional mirrors. With its multiple purposes ranging from car security and monitoring to a driving guide there’s not a doubt it can ever run out of significance.

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