Alice cooper limited edition print, the art of Dave Nestler

quality works of print art that we all love and want to be associated with, especially those of us with a touch of originality. This art made by Dave Nestler is among the prints that should be hanging in your house if at all you love the thrill and originality portrayed in the painting. The art of this original print is a show of appreciation of nature and creativity and those are aspects that you will find in this print. Besides, you will realize that this print is made with the aspect of creativity that seems to have hidden a message. Fans of creativity and painting will appreciate this piece of art in the sense that it leaves them in suspense of what David Nestler thought when he came up with this splendid work of art. Nevertheless, here is a description of this painting that will give you an in-depth detail of why this is the ultimate print for the lovers of art.

The originality portrayed in this print is what triggers your curiosity in the sense of what was meant by the images in this print. You will notice that there is a man with glaring eyes holding a metal bar, and two snakes surrounding a guillotine. The suspense behind it is what makes it ideal and original for it leaves many unanswered questions. This is the print you should look up to buying so that later you can personally figure out what the artist meant. Most works of art communicate to us but it’s upon us to unveil what is being communicated.

Adults who know some history about the past will be fascinated by this art. This is in the sense of how people used to survive then and the crude ways that punishment was executed. You may have heard of guillotines that were used to cut off heads of the criminals who were convicted to death. On the same note, there were those thrown in the pits of poisonous snakes that would pump poison to the victim until he died. The circumstances that led to such punishments were the extent of crimes committed and how crude people used to live then.

By looking at this print you can see trouble and this is what makes it interesting and worthy to keep. Lovers of art love seeing things at a perspective of reality especially from history and that is what you will get from this print. The snakes communicate danger, the hard-faced man with an iron depicts toughness and the will to survive and the guillotine shows what would happen to those whose survival tactics crossed with the law.

All in all, paintings shouldn’t be mind bogging for they are meant to be entertaining. Lovers of thrill and horror will love this art. Those who love history will also like this painting and will keep it as a story of the world back then. This painting is made original, it is purely authorized for sale and so you can grab one for yourself or better still gift one to that friend of yours who loves the thrill. Just as many other paintings have so much to be thought about this art of Dave Nestler has so much for you to think about and that what makes it interesting.

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