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Computer discover was an important milestone in human civilization, and it came just at the right moment when it was duly needed. Even before technologists diversified into manufacturing of laptops and palmtops, the normal PC and Desktop were the primary computer components. To date, this set up still remains to be reliable and effective. You would need a powerful laptop to match the typical PC capabilities, and with this you can expect to spend even more to purchase an expensive laptop. For this reason, most individuals still rely on the services of the Desktop and the PC. Their performance and output ability is simply unmatched.

An aspect that has remained to evolve in the modern era is the respective sizes of the products. The traditional personal computer components were bulky, and required the user to have sufficient room to keep the items. Apart from utilizing too much space, they were also slow and ineffective overally. Perhaps this is what prompted users to move to the use of laptops which were considered to be more portable and effective. Anyway, the narrative is changing, and desktops are reclaiming their previous glory. Among the best desktop manufacturers is the AWOW whose dedication to quality products is commendable.

A product from them that you will love to try out is the AWOW Mini PC and Desktop. It’s a great innovation that is expected to revolutionize the computing sector. Currently, almost every aspect and activity in life is dependent on computing services, and having one is becoming an essential rather than a luxury. Diverse activities require varying strengths of computers, and that is why you’ll find items with varying specifications. This particular brand is a powerful multifunctional device that is well suited for heavy operations as you’ll see. It’s the kind of machine that those who are serious in computer working would consider as part of their job kit.

This said, which groups of users would be best suited by the AWOW Mini PC? Well, the ideal users can be placed in three main categories. First, those who deal with modern mining of Cryptocurrency would ideally prefer this item. It would be the best solution especially if you are considering venturing into the Cryptomining space. Currently, to mine sustainably you require a GPU processor with good cooling system. AWOW has sufficient GPU capacity, and wouldnt be easily overwhelmed especially when participating in a mining pool. Other ideal users include those who deal with graphics uses like gamers and photographers or graphical designers.

The following are some unique aspects that you can expect to find in this item. Foremost, what defines the strengths of this desktop computer are the kinds of processing units installed. AWOW Mini desktop is run by a powerful and fast CPU, the Intel Celeron J4115 that features the following capabilities. Its operation frequency is rated at around 2000 MHz, and this can be enhanced by a further 500 MHz when turned to burst mode. With these kinds of speeds, the computer is practically in a good position to handle complex program tasks that are fed into its memory.

CPU strength is additionally aided by a new LPDDR4 random access memory of at least 8 GB. The RAM is crucial since it enables the desktop to perform multiple functions without overwriting data from some programs. There are much heavy software that you can run on this machine without it being overwhelmed, and that’s why the item becomes preferable when it comes to issues of graphics that are normally heavy. AWOW also contains an additional graphic card that is rated at about 6 GB to ensure render tasks are done effectively.

Another interesting inclusion of this product is that it features the latest display technology. Enjoy Full-HD display quality plus the newest 4K quality on your monitor for crisp detailed images. Other accessories in the desktop computer include a wide variety of connectivity ports. AWOW contains around 6 USB ports that contain the USB 2, 3 and type C ports. There is a LAN Ethernet allocation for fast internet connection plus a Wi-Fi Dual band 5 GHz chip. Enjoy the latest offer on this good with a subsidized price of about $240 for great value.

Let not the size of this mini machine tempt you into underrating its capacity. The focus of AWOW was to provide a sizable item with powerful features inside, and that’s the unique aspect of this good.

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