An Evaluation of Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera

Security is among the most delicate aspects of human life that requires close monitoring. Ironically, as technology continues to improve at a high pace, the levels of trust have continued to decrease. Some time back, people lived harmoniously among each other as each person looked out for the welfare of the other. This is no longer the case but all is not lost as the invention of the camera brought hope. Today, you can take control of the security at your place at the palm of your hands. There is no need to risk and end up facing dire consequences due to ignorance.

Among the most versatile security cam brands is the Littlelf Indoor surveillance system. It was made by Littlelf and launched recently the other year. Before embarking on making a purchase of such a gadget, you need to be keen on some essential issues. Among these include the main purpose to which you intend to use the product. This is because they are not limited to the sole purpose of security, some are used for monitoring purposes as you’ll see below. Another thing is the area that is under surveillance, this will inform the number of devices you’ll need.

Littlelf is a multipurpose security camera that can be suited in the following areas. Foremost, it’s mostly ideal when used in the indoors and if you have a big house, you may need several for your rooms. The cameras are capable of monitoring the activities in the rooms through the day and at night. During the night, it’s equipped with a night vision enhancement that maintains clear view of what is going on. Through the alert system, the cam can detect suspicious motions in the rooms then raise the alarm. This will help to keep the safety of your property in check.

Apart from maintaining security in people’s home, the item can be used for monitoring various activities. These include, checking whether the employees are doing their work in the right way. This has been prompted due to various cases of nannies mistreating the children of their employers. Using the Littlelf, you can keep check of your children, and even communicate to them even when you are away. You can additionally install the product in your kid’s room to ensure they are okay at all times. In case of any misshapening, it becomes easy to act immediately, or help them get some sleep when they get sleeplessness.

This said, what are the unique design specifications of the Littlelf that make it outstanding? Foremost, the item is completely wireless, and therefore doesn’t require too much cable connection. It makes use of Wi-Fi technology to record and transmit video files and other audio files. This system is capable of connecting to routers of speeds ranging from 2G to 5G. The camera has a capturing resolution of up to 1080 pixels, recording sharp and crisp images and clear videos to give a good impression of what is going on.

Through use of smart technology, the Littlelf works a smartphone app. The app is called Littlelf smart app that is downloadable in any smart device. This app gives the user freedom to operate the system remotely. After connecting the app to the program, you can view live coverage of everything that is going on in the area under scrutiny. The app gives capacity to view up to 4 screens if you have more than one camera at home. Other essential settings like viewing angles and magnification of images can be adjusted on the smart app.

In addition, the system cam is capable of adjusting to broad angles to ensure every corner is visible and to eliminate any blackspots. It’s tiltable up words, downwards and sideways at an angle of 105 degrees. The zooming quality is impressive with clarity being maintained even at 8× magnification. Another aspect of the Littlelf is the alert mechanisms. It is designed to relay audio alerts in case of suspicious motion. Through the mic and speaker, the cam allows 2-way communication allowing you to access every aspect of the activity. This ideal home solution comes at a cost-friendly cost of less than $45.

To sum it up, safety and well-being of both you and your close kin comes first in life. Littlelf is the ideal choice to revamp surveillance in your home and a good way to check out for your kids.

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