An Evaluation of KitchenAid Classic Multifunction Can Opener

When the can was invented as an ideal means of storage, manufactures had to come up with ways of opening them. At first, no consideration was put in place on how users could open the cans. Individuals struggled with means of opening these tops with some ending up hurting their teeth as they tried to use them to open. These crude ways of opening the can tops were tiresome and not prudent especially when you were in an important occasion with people. This prompted the innovation of the basic bottle opener that had its limitations as you needed to use some energy to operate it.

KitchenAid is among the manufacturers that have concentrated on making kitchen tools that consider the safety of the users and make life simpler. Among their innovative solutions to can opening problems was the Classic Multifunction Can Opener. The product is the improvement of the other basic bottle opener. It’s the ideal product to have in your kitchen to open the various cans and drink bottles. The item is favorable for use by any age, and even your kids can use it by themselves. Additionally, it can be used in liquor stores to enhance customer experience as it is easy-to-use.

The following are some features of this item that make it the ideal kitchen tool to have. Foremost, the blade of this item is made from a quality stainless steel. This makes it resistant from wear and tear due to damage from rust. It’s therefore durable with an estimated life span of almost a lifetime, meaning it can serve you for as long as you intend to use it without requiring a replacement. Being strong, it has capacity to puncture through any can and open any type of material. You no longer have to embarrass yourself with time-consuming methods of opening tops.

Handling the product is another aspect that makes it unique to its use. The knob is oversized to allow for easy turning of any type of can shape and size. In addition, the handles are designed in a human friendly way that makes sure the safety of the user is guaranteed. The handles come in the right size that can be used in any position whether you are seated or standing. Other than size, the grip of the handles was made to be a bit tough for a good grip with the hands. These measures are meant to reduce the chances of accidents and make handling of delicate bottles a simple task.

Cleanliness is key and for it meet the standards, mode of cleaning was simplified. The parts can be disassembled for a smooth cleaning process of each part of the item. Washing requires only some warm water and a mild detergent plus a clean rinsing. You can then allow it to dry before you embark on using it again. The item has an offer of one year free warranty in case of warranted damage. Currently, the KitchenAid good is selling at an offer of less than $13, which is a pocket-friendly tag.

Kitchen experience is supposed to be fun with no hassles. This is precisely what KitchenAid is designed to provide, a convenient way that you can open those cans.

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