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An Evaluation of Standard Motor Products Solenoid

Those with some prior physics knowledge can easily relate the meaning of a solenoid. For starters, it has everything to do with electrical and magnetic fields. It’s applications are wide with its main purpose being that of relaying some form of electricity by transforming it from electrical form to mechanical energy. This review is not meant to delve deep into the operation details, but to give the user an insight of the solenoid as a component in the typical modern engine. Remember that as the motor industry is evolving, so are the components that make up the engine.

Today’s engine is not similar to what it used to be like some years back. There have been tremendous improvements and modifications that have completely revolutionized the modern engine. Not only is it more efficient but also utilizes sophisticated technology to operate. Currently, the solenoid in the engine is mainly used as a relay starter. However, most manufacturers still prefer to refer to it as an Ignition solenoid to avoid confusing another type of relay system in the engine. A typical motor machine is made up of different components with each of these playing a crucial role in the normal functioning of the whole organization.

If any of the components is not in good shape, then it can result to total failure of the vehicle running system. That’s is why users should always be keen to select spares from trusted brands whose quality cannot be questioned. One of these brands is definitely the Standard Motor Products who have mainly specialized in the Ignition systems of vehicles. Most individuals may not have sufficient knowledge about their vehicle parts, and that’s why most of them leave the task to their mechanics. Since the car belongs solely to you, it’s usually good to take some time to understand the different components plus how they operate.

The concept of a solenoid is much simpler than you could imagine. In simple terms, it consists of a strong magnet that is heavily wound with lots of copper coils. The magnet is meant to produce some magnetic fields that in turn generate some electricity. It is this electricity that is then transformed into mechanical energy to start of the engine whenever you turn your car on. Understanding this will help you to know the right things to look for in a typical solenoid whether you intend to do a new installation or for replacement purposes. This particular brand is generally ideal for typical modern engines that rely on solenoid relay starters.

So, what are the main item features that you can anticipate from this particular brand? Foremost, it’s good to note that spares from Standard Motor Products are unique, and you’ll barely find any other brand that can beat their output. This will be evident as you go through the following elements of the solenoid. When it comes to aspects of material use, the starter solenoids consists of heavy-duty contacts. Remember copper is preferred since it is of high-grade, and is still a good conductor of electric current. The copper contacts are meant to reduce the effect of arcing, and to extend its lifespan.

Another unique feature of this brand is that it contains more pure copper windings than you’ll ever find in any other vehicle. Having more windings means that it is capable of generating more magnetic fields, and consequently more starting power. You’ll therefore get that acceleration and thrust that you desire your car to have when driving. In addition, it comes with polyester-insulated magnet wire and solid contact bolts meant to reduce the voltage drop. This helps to deliver full battery power to the starter while offering better protection against potential electrical overload.

Vehicles often have the problem of jamming, which can be caused in many ways by faulty relay starters. To ensure that this does not happen to the user of this brand, the item is designed using pure copper battery terminal studs that reduce resistance while permitting higher current flows. This in turn produces better performance even when operating in hotter environments. The solenoid is currently selling at a favorable price of at least $25, and this should be a good deal given that it’s an original item.

To sum it up, you now have some knowledge about the relay starters that basically comprise of the solenoid. The reason any user should be considering this product is that it’s reputable for quality output.

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