Apple MacBook Air MD760LL/A Intel Core i5-4250U X2 1.3GHz 8GB 128GB SSD 13.3in, Silver (Renewed)

Intel CPUs help the updated MacBook Air achieve amazing battery life as well. So far it’s still the best, the MacBook Air is cheaper by 100 dollars or more than its previous models. High-end features like touch screens and higher resolution are missing. The ultra book, is good or has good design almost catching up with latest regarding looks. Apple done a great job by keeping the latest MacBook Air updates on the inside, but they improved battery life greatly. Price which is about lower than other versions, has compensated for it design.

The 2013 versions of the MacBook Air look familiar with how much of a change, this system has no physical changes, same as the past generations. When you first look at it, you see just some minor changes, with primary point of marketing, was the option an of Intel’s new fourth-generation Core series CPUs, known as Han well. One important noticeable difference in the new models, most especially you spend a lot of time on the road, and your charger at home.

CPU been tested in different chips in a few laptops and came out impressive by both performance and battery life. Interestingly, adding this processor to MacBook, increases company reputation, definitely you have a great system. The MacBook Air, claims will run for up to 12 hours, having an Intel CPU gives you an improved HD5000 graphics card. Game lover will be pleased with it because it has improved game performance. Now game services are available on Mac such as Steam and EA Origin, it makes some small changes for mac gaming. Has the new 802 11ac Wi-Fi, it’be the new standard that will be on wireless routers, on new Airport also the Airport Time Capsule. Company says the solid drive which comes included in the Air laptop is faster.

Should be easy to say this version of the MacBook Air is a bit step forward, has no physical changes to the outside. The resolution is still the old one no higher resolution display, has no HDMI port or touch. Battery life is awesome and one of it selling point, and when you compare with the lower price it has. These systems might not be the best in design, but one of the most useful laptops, you can get. MacBook Air keeps the looks, that same external, like all the previous versions did, but it still competes with the newest Ultrabooks. Although system are now getting slimier and lighter, the versions of the MacBook Air has the same thickness as well.

These version, comes along with a strong aluminum constructed which makes mac Air feel solid enough to put in a bag, and carry along without a need for protective case, and interesting after the aluminum body it has a lighter carbon fiber in the mentioned earlier. By the way things are, MacBook Air is a laptop which you put in your bag, without thinking of damaging it. The backlit keyboard is awesome has a track pad that is the same as on the other models, that has track pad on them.

Many other laptop makers have turned to larger click pad and touch pads as well, so, far we haven’t seen touch pad that has the feature of multi-touch gestures than the one on air. The pad is been attached on it top, allowing entire pad with a strong move click down, and you can go to the system settings and enable all the tapping option there. With upcoming OS X update, there is going to be noticeable feature and upgrade. Before then the most interesting thing remained flicking with three and four finger gesture on the Mac air track pad.

Battery life is where Mac air stands firm and strong. In the previous, it only lasted for 7 hours, in video playback battery drain test. And 2013 version was the bomb with an amazingly 14 hours on the test done. It was even better than the 12 hours estimated by the company. In general, it’s an amazing laptop that stand up in almost all aspects including display, games and playback as well. Overall is worthy to buy, and has proved it capacity of doing the job accordingly.

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