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Talk of an office, and documents and files come into hour mind. Every office, whether private or public get involved in document typing, printing and the storing. One quality of a good office layout is having a proper, clear and accurate filing system. Office documents are very important as they are records of past, present or future decisions and business plans. The quality of these important documents lies in their mode of production and quality print outs in the papers. Every office have therefore invested in the best available printing machines in the market. But have you heard of Office jet, and Office jet pro series of printers? You must have heard of this quality product, their quality status comes with their ink cartridges.

OfficeWorld ink cartridges are ink cartridges replacing the HP 902 XL to be used in all office Jet and Office Jet pro series of printers. These series includes; for Office Jet pro, 6970, 6971, 6971, 6975, 6979 and for Office Jet series, 6950, 6951, 6954, 6956, 6958, 6963, 6964,6966, and 6962. The ink cartridges comes with the best features and quality so as to produce quality printed pages for your office or personal use.

To begin with, these OfficeWorld ink cartridges produces professionally quality documents. Using this new cartridges produces sharp and clear black coloured documents. Your documents are clear to read and understand because of the deep black word colour that is produced by these state-of-the-art cartridges. Quality is always the basic and most important aspect for every document to be produced and filed. Using this ink cartridges in your Office Jet printers is beyond doubts an assurance of quality.

Another attributive quality of these ink cartridges that most other cartridges lack is the high quantity of pages produced. Every printing process that you do should give value for your money. You won’t be satisfied with a cartridge that gives you very few printed documents. Neither will it be economical for your business to have very few documents produced by the cartridge. With a 5% coverage of the A4 size pages, OfficeWorld gives you a higher number of pages of up to 825 pages production.

Environmental and personal safety is the best feature of OfficeWorld ink cartridges. These ink cartridges have been passed through safety test and measures. From these tests, it means that they are safe for use anywhere. They are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 AND RoHs certified a clear indication that they are safe to the user and the environment. The materials used for production of these cartridges are non pollutants, therefore it’s environmentally friendly.

OfficeWorld cartridges have also undergone an in-depth analysis and test for quality. Testing for purity and colour have been deeply done for quality assurance. Therefore, these ink are pure black without impurities, this ensures that the quality of your documents are long lasting even when subjected to hash environment like too much sun light or rain. Viscosity and surface tension is another quality that has been assured, a testing on this is make sure that the ink easily stick to the paper as it print. This will keep your documents neat and presentable.

These cartridges have been produced with the latest version chips. Compatibility with your printer is therefore proven and strictly tested for. This means that, with all these series of printers a single line of cartridges is a perfect fit . You don’t need to worry about having a different printer thinking that these cartridges are designed for specific printers.

OfficeWorld Ink cartridges package comes with two large 902XL black colour cartridges. This sales feature ensures that you have enough for your business or office documents production. When you make an order for this cartridges you therefore receive two black cartridges.

Other quality test features that comes with these cartridges are that they have undergone gas chromatography and electrical conductivity testing. This is to ensure that your product is safe from electrical shocks and conductivity that can break down your printer. Gas chromatography test gives you an positive test that your ink cannot be affected by accidental reactions with other liquid that they come in contact with your documents.

This product is therefore the best in the market of cartridges and ink. With all these features and quality tests, you are assured value for your money. Everyone, every office, every printing business or any other activities that requires a printing process are recommended to make a switch to this feature. Safety, quality, quantity and satisfaction is all what OfficeWorld cartridges is all about.

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