ASUS 11.6 HD Laptop

ASUS an energy saving Intel Pentium N500 quad-core processor laptop with 11 inch. In addition, comes with 4 GB of RAM and a usable battery, making the device an affordable companion for day to day activities. With the price range about 300 euros, the expectation is

not high. A 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB internal eMMC flash memory and, the battery life of the 11.6-inch is around 10 hours, which should be possible given the 38 Wh battery.

Because of its small size and modern hardware, it competes with numerous low-priced laptop on the market, but as a Windows 10 device, comparable to other inexpensive laptops on the same platform. ASUS’s case is manufactured with plastic, the E203MA was decorated with a honeycomb pattern at the top. Surfaces of the sides are dark gray and provide a great impression because of its compact dimensions. The system looks nice, and stable as well however because of the plastic used, some times when pressure is applied or mistakingly drops, it becomes loose. Some times even cracks, but overall the system look great, sleek and awesomely good.

It’s a good thing that the bottom can be removed easily after loosening some screws. Inside, ASUS system there is no modification allowed to be done by users. Also fan for cleaning is not available and all memory components inside as well as the WLAN module are soldered. In terms of connectivity, ASUS delivers only basics features that are the most needed, all ports comes with the 3 Gen1 standard port, interestingly to note, comes with a USB Type-C port.

The internal memory of the ASUS E203MA can be expanded only through a microSD card reader, not so great. When test were conducted achieves a reading speed of 39 MB/s, interestingly outperforms the rest of devices. Which the test was done with, performance wise, the SD card reader is just below average.

In our wireless LAN test, the ASUS laptop did not achieve much, a bit above average data transfer rates of 289 Mbps and 330 Mbps. This puts our test device on a better position, with comparable laptops as well. The fast 802 standard is supported which will allow usage in the 5 GHz band range. Keyboard of the ASUS E203MA is small and not comfortable using, most especially if you have a big hand. The keys are small, close together, providing a soft pressure point, take time before you adjust and learn to adapt, typing works well. In addition, only the arrow and function keys are not readily available to access.

Clickpad are used as replacement of mouse, which is appropriately sized for an 11 inch. This provides a crisp feedback when the left and right mouse buttons are released. Intel’s Pentium Silver N5000 is a quad core processor with clock speeds between 1 and 2 GHz. Actual clock frequency depend on significantly in cooling system, the turbo clock 2 GHz can be maintained for a short period of time without active cooling. Has 4 cores, the CPU can process 4 threads simultaneously. Due to the low TDP of 6 watts, the N5000 is also suitable for integration in many laptops. For games, this laptop will not work well for them because the capacity is per less than a gamer needs.

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