ASUS X509 Review | High Performance Laptop with Reachable Price

To you, who are considering to buy a new laptop that includes high-end technology and easy to use, with simple yet stylish design? Then this laptop is perfect for you to buy. Introducing ASUS X509, providing you a power up to your daily activities with its advance technology. Attached with Intel Core i7, any heavy task that you need to manage will be processed better, be it video rendering, graphic designing, gaming, and others that you could name it.

Using Windows 10 as it operating system, increase the user’s comfort with an easy to see interface. Provided with advanced security and management with one universal windows experience to make user feel familiar and safe whenever and wherever they logged in. And any recent update by Microsoft itself will be automatically installed, giving new feature periodically for better performance.

The design also a nice fit for those who seek classic design, with 82.5% screen to body ratio, the elegant aura exposed better as the screen takes almost all the space. Full HD display and a 178 degrees wide viewing angle prove that the attached screen is not only for show. The Nanoedge display presents user a wide screen area for work and play they’re going to execute anytime.

With a full sized, ergonomically designed keyboard, it will be easy for people to use for working in a dim-lighted environment. Along with 1, 4 mm key travel distance, to create a smooth typing journey. A fingerprint sensor is included to decrease the chance of data misuse. Never worry as people need to guess your correct password to get in, while you only have to do is a single touch to your device!

For connectivity. ASUS X509 is equipped with reversible USB Type C, HDMI, microSD card reader and USB 3, 1 and 2, 0 ports. Many choices are there to link with most of the peripherals, displays, and other devices without any problem. You only need to consider whether the cable or devices connected to your ASUS X509 are working properly or not if it’s not working. As long as the laptop are taken care properly.

But, is it strong enough to endure for a long time use? The answer will be explained with protection attached to the HDD, keyboard, and screen lid. EAR HDD shock dampening are used to protect your data from physical impact, such as dropping from your table for example. It will automatically detect shock and vibration to lower the chance of HDD damage. Reinforced chassis and lid are installed to the laptop as a support to strengthens components and parts to reduce the possibility of broken parts.

Lastly, ASUS X509 will always give you fast process with 1, 80 GHz base speed and 4, 60 GHz turbo speed. Open many tabs in your browser, and you won’t feel any lag. Multitasking with various middle-sized program is possible to do also. Listening to music while working out for the project assigned to you will be a norm with this laptop!

Now, don’t wait for other option to come to you. With a portable and lightweight design, it’s a great decision to take ASUS X509 for your everyday use!

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