Be Quiet’s Pure Rock 2 Cooler For Cooling Your Computer

Be Quiet! is doing it yet again, are you ready for the grand release of Pure Rock 2 Black cooler. The machine is going to be ideal for all your computers’ cooling needs. There are other things that you can do to cool down your computers like shutting down the system, cleaning the fan and the inner parts, and also adding a memory cooling to bring down the temperatures when the temperatures go up. With Pure Rock 2 cooler, you will forget all these activities as it will do the cooling. Here’s why you need a Rock 2 cooler for your computer.

Pure Rock 2 cooler is expected to work efficiently to give excellent cooling. This cooler is said to be an exceptional price-to-performance ratio, meaning that you will not be disappointed by the performance of the cooler. The cooler is supposed to be used in PC systems. It has 150W TDP which improves its performance on your computer. This cooler is efficient and suitable for cooling multimedia and graphical systems which are prone to over heating. The Pure Rock 2 cooler can be used in all types of computers.

This cooler machine has 4 heat pipes that help in the performance. The heat pipes are of 6mm each, and their work is to transfer heat to the fins to bring down the temperatures. This cooler is designed in a way that the heat pipes don’t block one another, hence performs effectively with no possible problems. All these heat pipes have aluminum pipes to carry out the same function. This cooler has a wing fan that is 120 mm, which functions with a rifle bearing to help bring down temperatures.

The wing and the rifle bearing not only bring down temperatures , but also silence the whole operation. This is unlike other coolers that make a lot of noise while trying to bring down the heat. The wing has nine blades which ensure that there is no noise through optimizing airflow. These noises made by the cooler can be irritating but with the Pure Rock 2, you will forget about the noise. The Pure Rock 2 is black in color, a color that many electronics use. Color black is preferable by many since it is elegant.

The black color together with the aluminum caps of the heat tubes, give the cooler a nice visual impression. Since the cooler can be use din any computer, the black color makes it to fit with any type of case. The Pure Rock 2 cooler is highly compatible, its design makes it suitable to be used in any computer. This is because it does not block the memory slot, making it compatible with any PC. The cooler is mounted on the motherboard of the PC, and anyone can easily do the installation. You don’t need a computer expert to do that for you, as you can incur more costs.

Get the Be Quiet! Pure Rock 2 in your to-buy list, and wait for its grand release. You can buy one of them as soon as they will be released. The installation can be done by you anytime, and the cooler can be used in any PC.

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