SABRE RED Pepper Gel – Police Strength – Tactical Series with 18-Foot (5.5M) Range, 18 Bursts & Belt Holster

As a law enforcement agency, you need to feel safe and secure wherever you are because things change instantly and anything risky can happen. So, there is a need to be always prepared for any eventuality and be assured that in case of anything you will be able to protect yourself. Arm yourself to the tooth for maximum personal protection during danger moments. You need fully reliable protection products that you can count on for your safety. Gear up now and be ready for any low enforcement mission because you have an ultimate protector. Red pepper gel-police strength-tactical series is now available at your service.

Sabre tactical pepper was designed to give you extra security, it has a flip top trigger for faster and easier use in high danger situations. The spray contains a nylon belt holster for easy and immediate access on the go. This tactical pepper brand is trusted by thousands of law enforcement agencies for its accuracy and efficiency, therefore no doubt that your safety is fully guaranteed. The pepper has undergone in-house HPLC testing in the laboratory and confirmed to contain maximum heat and stopping power in every blast without failure.

Pepper gel from Sabre is uniquely manufactured in that, it does not atomize like the traditional paper sprays. Therefore, moves at a 20% greater range of five meters and only affects the target. Sabre pepper spray is highly resistant to wind and is suitable for any indoor use. So, even if your target attempts to hide in side a building, you can get them out by just one blow of the spray. Be confident of yourself as you face hostile lawbreakers, you can deal with them appropriately with the free training provided by the links that come along with the product.

The item is easy and simple to use because every package comes user guide books plus links to free training videos as well as safety tips. With these you can maximize your personal safety when in danger and be able to deal with the situation accordingly. Additionally, the pepper spray container has a belt holster which helps in releasing 1/8 oz (0.3 kg) pepper gel in the lapse of a second. The container is specially and carefully designed with a flip top safety that prevents accidental discharges. It also contains 18 bursts for fastest use for self-defence for all people.

You are ready to protect yourself in the call of danger with much ease because the gel has a tactical series loop holster that fits on your belt for convenient removal. Keep a safe distance from your attacker as you release the spray since the tactical offers you a good spread range of 18 fit. With the 18 bursts released by the tactical, you are assured of maximum security even when you have several attackers.

Usage of the pepper is highly simplified, you only slide your thumb under the top as you press down quickly and you are ready to go. Upgrade now because your personal security is in your hands, get the Sabre red pepper gel now. Nothing should limit you from purchasing the item since it is cheap and readily available.

Make your order now and have unlimited security as you face your attackers or as you perform your law enforcement duties.

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