Better Cable for Better Quality Sound

Truly, the most important thing you would want from a guitar while playing is a quality sound output without any noise. However, achieving this goal some times seems difficult as you would need a perfect cable for that to happen. So, if you have been having such a problem and looking for something nice to connect your guitar with, then look no further. The GLS Audio 10 foot guitar instrument cable got you covered and hence, your problem solved. It is just the best cable you can ever ask for and suited your preferences and also meets your expectations as you would want.

To begin with, this cable is the best thing you can ever go for, especially when you are in a band setup and on stage performing. It is 10 foot long and therefore you do not have to be glued at one spot all the time when you perform. You can walk around and get to wherever spot you want without disconnecting anything. It is therefore, the best choice for live performances as it is built for durability and therefore lasts longer. This is contrary to other lower quality guitar cables which snap or spoil after a short period of time.

Another exceptional thing is that GLS audio 10 foot guitar cable is right angled at one end and a straight plug on the other end. As a result, it points the cable back towards your strap at a better angle and secures your guitar jack input port. This guarantees you the smoothest connection with no strain on the cable ends, and you can comfortably connect your guitar to your effect kit or mixer. The right angle plug also ensures that you are comfortable if you like playing your guitar while seated. So, always play it safe, get this product for better connectivity with your rig.

Furthermore, the cable has a beautifully braided tweed cloth jacket and therefore does not get tangled up like other brands. The braided tweed jacket is absolutely stunning and makes your instrument stand out from the crowd. It protects your cable as well, that is, from cuts, kinks, tangles and unnecessary knots and is flexible as well. Cable has oxygen-free copper for both the center conductor and insulator shield, plus a double shielded insulator shield with a conducive PVC and OFC. Hence, the product is perfectly built for both stage and studio recording as it offers high fidelity.

Moreover, the product has greatly low capacitance and hence, gives you high frequency response with minimized to zero triboelectric noise. As a result, you can achieve a flawless signal transmission from your guitar to the system of your choice. The plugs exhibit increased conductivity and therefore play a big role in the flow of signal. Consequently, the cable is not limited in function in terms of guitars, you can use it with an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar among other instruments even a keyboard will do just fine. Its durability and versatility saves you the cost of having to purchase cables now and then.

Additionally, the product has a triple strain relief system, that is, an external rubber heat shrink strain relief, internal rubber booty strain relief, AND an internal metal clamp strain relief. This system allows for a long time of trouble-free usage and can hence, withstand unpleasant handling situations on and off the stage. For this reason, the cable can be used in church as many different people get to handle it differently but, withstands the pressure for a long time. Plugs have a standard size and hence, they accurately fit into your instrument’s output ports, without sliding out every time.

Clearly, this is the best product you can go for, to equip yourself with high quality stuff. It is made and excellently designed for professional music players like you, even if you are a beginner, then this is the best cable for your instrument. You should go and get one or more for yourself and get connected and good to enjoy your music. Aside from that, you can place your orders for the cable and get the delivery done on time, regardless of your location. Everyone is well catered for as it is standardized to a better quality than any other cable on the market.

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