Bose Soundlink Outdoor Speaker

Bose sound link outdoor speaker delivers clear and loud music with Bluetooth connectivity. You can receive phone calls and talk through this speaker, perfect for conference calls. The speaker is small in size for portability purpose, it can be placed by the handlebar or on your bag strap while travelling. Plays music for 6 hours when fully charged because of the lithium ion battery. Would recommend this speaker for your outdoor adventure like swimming, camping or cycling. Bose sound link speaker equalizes the sound system to ensure your song lyrics are clear. With the Bose simple sync technology, you can pair your sound link speaker with a member of the Bose smart home speaker to listen to the same song at the same time.

Contains a built-in microphone to enable you access your phone’s Siri and Google Assistant directly through the speaker. Work from home while listening to your favorite tunes or listen to office calls while working. We assume that work done at home is unproductive but with Bose sound link, the results are different. Children can study and still listen to their song playlist and still be productive. Attach the durable tear-resistant strap to your backpack and travel anywhere with the speaker on. This silicone provides a firm grip on the speaker, don’t worry about it falling down. It is IPX7 waterproof, can withstand rain or water droplets, swim with it just attach the strap on your swimming costume and enter with it in the beach.

This speaker provides you the opportunity to sing along with artists for the lyrics are clear and loud. Kills boredom by keeping your mind occupied with different genres of your choice for 6 hours. Spend your free time playing music and learn dance moves. Hold birthday parties and pair your system with this link to enable people enjoy the same songs across all the rooms. The speaker contains cute colors, midnight blue contains smoky violet strap, black contains black strap and Bright orange has Dark plum. Select your preferred color and enjoy bass sound produced by this quality speaker.

Enjoy crisp, balanced sound and unmatched bass sound during your summer or fishing activity. Receive phone calls by pressing the accept button and communicate with your caller through this Bluetooth speaker. Get the party going by pairing two sound links speaker to enable your friends enjoy continuous music flow throughout the night.

Music motivates and provides us comfort whenever we feel low for songs are life history and speak about daily happenings. Bose sound link speaker provides self entertainment, you are free to select your playlist unlike in clubs where the DJ is in full control. Outdoor activities are fun with this portable speaker, travelling is easy and simple with the tear resistant hook. It is a great speaker with a great price, good sound quality and great features. Enjoy your own company and kill boredom by keeping yourself busy and entertained with different genres for 6 hours maximum without restrictions from anybody and switch to any radio channel whenever you wish.

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