Bostitch Office HP12 3 Hole Punch, 12 Sheet Capacity, Metal

Bostitch Office HP12: The best filling solution for you.

Since the invention of paper 100 years BC, a lot of inventions and technology has been developed in paper works and print technology. Today, the paper has become part and parcel of office work with almost all administrative communications being done on papers. Papers are used to store information for use in the future making them a medium for storing information. To ensure that information printed on papers is properly stored for future use and references, then it needs to be properly filed.

Filing requires a folder or say a binder to keep the paper safe and clean, the paper/s to be filled and a machine to create holes for filling. The machine for punching such holes is called a paper puncher also known as a hole punch. Hole punches come in different designs and it is the role of the user to make a proper selection from the available designs in the market. Today we bring to you the superior performance and reliable hole punch machine that you cannot afford to miss on your office desk.

Why just Bostitch Office HP12?

This 3-hole punch comes with a myriad of advantages for your benefit other than being a multi-hole puncher. To start with being all-metal, you will never have to worry about it getting broken or bending during use in case excessive force is applied or it falls accidentally. The tough steel used to fabricate this office tool is an assurance of long service life the Bostitch Office HP12 will offer.

Steel sounds to be hard on surfaces and perhaps this is raising your eyebrows when you think about your soft modern table or office desktop. Bostitch Office HP12 ensures that your tabletop or desktop is protected from unwanted impressions, marks, and ugly scratches as it is designed with a rubber pad at the base. The same rubber at the base of the paper puncher serves another important role in restricting it from sliding when force is applied to it during use.

Ease of use has been engineered by using sharp punching heads that cut through the papers easily with less force. Annoying incomplete cuts experienced during punching is completely unheard when it comes to the high precision Bostitch Office HP12. All these have been made possible by the well-set sharp non-rusting steel heads that will always give clear cuts. As the name goes, all the three holes produced are of equal standard diameters of 9/32 inches (7.14375? millimeters).

Who needs Bostitch Office HP12 and why?

If utilizing your desktop space is in your mind, Bostitch Office HP12 is made slim to use a small section of your desktop. However, this has not compromised the performance of the hole punch as it has a capacity of taking up to 12 sheets of paper at a go. This is to mean; every stroke of punch makes three equal and symmetrical filing holes on twelve pieces of paper or documents saving your time. Eccentricity in punching will not arise as the machine has a paper guide that ensures you punch aligned holes every time you are working with more than one paper.

Keeping the environment clean is the desire of every office occupant and the entire organization. The classy Bostitch Office HP12 will always ensure that those tinny circular pieces of paper don’t mess up your place. An easy to open chip tray collects cut papers so that you can properly dispose of whenever it is full. Human nature likes what is appealing to the eyes and therefore aesthetics has not been forgotten. The all-metal Bostitch Office HP12 is silvery colored with smooth surfaces and curved corners to prevent injuries and give a good feel when handled.

All being said, not only offices but also schools, students, banks among other places and people who do filing need Bostitch Office HP12. Its three-hole configuration with a capacity to punch twelve sheets of papers at ago plus a rubber tray to ensure you have a clean working environment is indeed worth having.

The final word

The low cost accompanied by a limited time warranty from the manufacturer makes this reliable hole punch more than just an essential office supply. With the superior performance, high durability and capacity, the value of this 3-hole punch is beyond its affordable cost hence the perfect choice for purchase.

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