GoVision SOL 1080p HD Camera Glasses Video Recording Sport Sunglasses with Bluetooth Speakers and 15 MP Camera – Black

A reputable camera is all you need as a photographer to achieve your desired needs. If you ever used the box camera and camcorders then you know how disgusting they are. Carrying these gadgets around sounds simple but you may easily fail to. Audy Global Enterprises prides itself on banging the market with a unique product of camera glasses. If you like video production, then the product is for you. The GoVision SOL HD Camera Glasses is all you deserve to end the bother of carrying gadgets around that end up giving poor quality.

GoVision conforms to the manufacturer’s set standards as reported by trusted companies. Conditions attested include high pressure and dust, the device corroborated to be unstoppable. Ever since its inception, the product became the subject of discussion to buyers attracting high ratings in the process. It comes with flexible arms to give you the best grip ever. As such this device fits on all head sizes and additional anti-slip nose pad to ensure it fixes perfectly on your face. Purchasing the sunglasses will further protect your eyes against the raging UV rays from the sun.

An important feature the GoVision comes with is the ability to take photos and record HD videos. With a single button on one arm, the device is easy to operate with just a click as you go. No more secret cameras, GoVision’s lenses are set in a way that what you see is what will be recorded in clear resolutions. Its inbuilt 480 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery is powerful enough to sustain the camera for 2 hours of video recording. Investigators, journalists, and researchers have a perfect match in this product.

Apart from the super HD videos recorded by this camera, you have the option to share it if you choose to. Tether it to your Android or Apple phone and even to your laptop via USB ports with no extra software installation and share music or stream videos. It’s not bound to age limits and even children can enjoy recording and taking photos with the sunglasses. Purchasing this device is the best decision ever as finding an all-round product as this may be a heavier task. Besides, it sells online at affordable prices and comes with the best smart assistant technology. Tap the order button and have the purchase delivered to you right to your home.

Before hungry sellers devour you with expensive and poor quality products, think of the SOL. You will enjoy the comfort of Bluetooth connection to your phone which will enable you to answer calls without necessarily holding the glasses with your hands. Drivers, bikers, riders, and mountain hikers, will enjoy using this purchase. It is equipped with a 5 MP CMOS sensor with 63 degrees wide angle of view to increase the viewing experience. With 15 MP camera resolutions, the sunglasses boast excellent images and ultra-smooth graphics. It seeks to strike the balance between fashion and quality to simply make you feel good.

When fully charged, the battery can power the instrument for 3 hours to allow you to enjoy constant music. The UV polarized lenses ensure a clear and crisp view and can be used interchangeably. Its lenses protect your eye from the reflective glare caused by snows, water long flat surfaces or even pavements. There is no need to panic when it’s raining, the super water-resistant body ensures that your purchase will keep on working during rains and humid weather. Its lightweight design makes it highly ergonomic for boaters, skiers, golfers and runners.

Accidental falls and knock offs are generally fatal to electronic gadgets but GoVision is different. It can withstand rough conditions like warm weather and will always be robust on delivery. Go Vision is equipped with a storage facility that can support up to 32 GB of memory. You can therefore capture your unforgettable moments with ease and the simplicity you deserve. Further, it comes with an inbuilt microphone to capture perfect audio that complements the HD videos you record. You can therefore answer, make and end calls by a single click right from your glasses.

What else can be said about the efficiency of the shades? Your comfort is just but a stone throw away from you. Order the glasses to mark the start of your enjoyment at great discounted rates. As earlier mentioned, order this gadget and have it delivered to the destination that suits you. Get the glasses and learn all that is hidden from you without complications or struggles whatsoever.

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