11 Dec 10

Alex Toys My Giant Busy Box

  • This kit includes 2 plastic frames, 4 animal punch outs, 10 colors of dough, 2 peel
  • This kit has great art activities for younger children
  • Kids can create 16 different beautiful projects with this kit
  • This kit is a great activity for one child or a small group
  • Art activities encourage a child’s imagination and learning development
  • Also includes stick tissue art pictures, tons of tissue paper, glue, easy instructions
16 great projects in one giant box of fun!
Make dough animals, collage a farm and sticker art.
Create paper bag puppets and tissue art pictures.
Includes 2 plastic frames, 4 animal punch outs, 10 colors of dough, 2 peel and stick tissue art pictures, tons of tissue paper, glue, easy instructions.
Comes in a 12” x 12” x 4” box with a woven handle.

List Price: $ 32.99 Price: $ 15.99

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10 Dec 10

Question by I am Me…: Christmas Gift?
My fiancé and I just moved into a new home, and we are buying all new furniture and other items for out home. That will leave me with a little bit of money to spend on him for Christmas. What would be a cheap, but really special gift to give him?

Best answer:

Answer by ghost
Nice wallet, $ 70 Fossil watch, maybe some $ 30 Curve cologne.

Give your answer to this question below!

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10 Dec 10

Why Wooden Toys Are Better Than Plastic Toys For Children


Are wooden toys betters than plastic? In order to answer this question we would need to define ‘better’. I have to admit to being biased towards wood so I’ve been pondering why this is the case.


When it comes to your children, nothing’s too good for them, although some things are certainly too good to be true. These days, literally well over 99 percent of the toys offered for sale to your children are made of plastic and metal. Natural wood toys are nearly non-existent. That’s sad really. They’re an important part of our heritage and culture, and chances are they’re safer than plastic toys as well.


How many times have we been told that a plastic or painted toy is safe, only to see it recalled or find out it has lead in the paint or plastic body or is unsafe for any number of other reasons? This holds especially true for very small children and babies. These little ones will be putting whatever they play with in their mouths, and plastics, painted toys and metals probably aren’t high on the list of things you want in your baby’s mouth.


If we are considering the environment and the ultimate destination for many toys (which is landfill) then wood is clearly the better material. If we are thinking about robustness and the resilience of the material to the treatment that toys receive at the hands of their owners then both materials can perform well, depending upon the toy.


When it comes to plastic toys and wooden toys, there is more of a chance that plastic toys will be purchased. However, consumers don’t seem to consider buying a wooden toy for their kid instead. In a few ways, it would be more worth the while to get.


Let’s think of a few differences between the two. Plastic toys: they can break easily and the edges could harm the little children. Wooden toys, on the other hand, are more durable. If you were to stand on a toy truck made of plastic, there is a great chance that it will break, possibly leaving sharp edges that could cut your child; and be fit only for the rubbish.


Wooden toys on the other hand encourage your kids to use their creativity, when either they make the toys themselves or play with them. Simple activities such as making cookies at their own toy kitchen, or riding a wooden Arabian horse and so on, boost a child’s creativity and visualization.


You probably wonder why parents opt to offer their children the common wooden type of toys instead of the cheaper plastic toys commonly produced in China. Many consider that having plastic toys is more practical than wooden toys because of the cost factor. Although plastic toys are cheaper compared to wooden toys, long term consideration proves that the latter is better than the former.


Wood is a natural made material which can be subjected to recycling. This means that aside from providing entertainment for your child, you can also pro actively help in preventing further degradation of the environment. Moreover, children appear to be more attached to playing with wooden toys.


Play is an essential part of a child’s learning and emotional development. Wooden toys are a sensible choice for the very young. Children’s wooden toys include toys such as miniature farm animals sets for infants and doll houses for young girls and boys. Many wooden toys are also educational toys for young school children, such as puzzles, building blocks, and more.


Wooden toys are also more durable than their plastic or metal counterparts. Thus with proper care, it is possible to make these toys last a child’s entire childhood and maybe even hand them down to their children.


How are wooden toys invented? Wooden toys are invented because wood is the only easily available materials where one can make toys from with simple tools. Sad to speak, it’s hard to find wooden toys in toy stores these days.


Online toy stores offer a wide variety of wooden toys to choose from. And sometimes, it’s easier to find what you want because modern toy stores these days mostly sell plastic toys.


Have you ever seen a child in a room full of the latest toys and found the child to be playing with old fashioned children’s wooden toys that were a big hit when you were young? What is it about this sight that is so comforting? Is it because the child’s wooden toy makes us feel nostalgic or is there something else at play here? In our world of plastic throw-away goods it is comforting to see lasting goods lasting. It is especially comforting to see goods which are felt to be worthy enough to be passed on from generation to generation. The latest gadget on the latest toy has not made traditional children’s wooden toys any less desirable to children, or even to adults for that matter.


Children’s wooden toys are toys which are made using a natural product as opposed to a product like plastic which is a product that we are trying to recycle but nevertheless remains a product which costs less to produce new than to recycle. If a child’s wooden toy is made from a sustainable forest that’s even better as it is actually helping out our troubled environment. This is only one of the reasons we feel better towards wood than towards plastic. There are also many emotional reasons why wooden toys feel better.


To touch and explore is often considered as one of the most important aspects of most educational programs that help a child develop different capabilities. Letting your kids play with wooden toys would unmistakably encourage them to learn by touching and exploring. Moreover, you could even purchase wooden toys and games specially meant to educate the kids.


Plastic toys come in all shapes and sizes so there are bound to be lots of brightly coloured playthings that attract the attention of your child, no matter how old they are. They are durable, washable and usually pretty safe, but as with all toys there are toy safety checks to watch out for when you are buying the perfect toy for your child.


The most important toy safety check for all toys, including plastic toys, is that they have the appropriate safety marks. Although the CE Mark is not in fact a consumer symbol, it does mean that the toy you are looking for will have passed stringent safety tests and conform with a list of essential safety requirements. If any plastic toys that you are thinking of buying don’t have the CE Mark, you should avoid them because you can’t be sure whether they will be safe for your child to play with.

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10 Dec 10

The Christmas Toy

10243218 1283860657 235000 The Christmas Toy
The Christmas Toy
List Price: 9.99
Price: 7.93

51PG1ZKMX9L. SL75  The Christmas ToyA Muppet Family Christmas
A warm Yuletide special, A Muppet Family Christmas pairs the Muppet gang with the perennial favorite Sesame Street cast for a ho…
519H1R2WHKL. SL75  The Christmas ToyToy Trains & Christmas, Parts 1-3
Toy Trains & Christmas Part 1 Toy trains have been synonymous with Christmas ever since a crudely built toy locomotive was pl…
51 mHtid9OL. SL75  The Christmas ToyVeggieTales – The Toy That Saved Christmas
Appearing in his own TV commercials, unscrupulous toy maker, Wally P. Nezzer has convinced all of Dinkletown that “Christmas is wh…

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9 Dec 10

Ten ?Can?t Miss? Wedding Gift Ideas

Today’s wedding gifts can go far beyond the personalized key chains and his and her towels. Although customization is still popular, wedding gift ideas are no longer just for the bride. Here are ten “Can’t Miss” wedding gift ideas.

Messenger bags are a hot wedding gift idea because they are practical, affordable, and highly customizable. In addition, messenger bags make great gifts for men and women. Therefore, wedding messenger bags make great gifts for the bridesmaids and/or groomsmen. The majority of wedding messenger bags can be customized with either a name, initials, or anything else usually up to a specific number of characters.

A similarly hot wedding gift idea is a tote bag. Tote bags are a practical and affordable gift idea for your bridal party. Wedding tote bags can be made of regular fabrics, mesh material, or organic material. You can choose colors to match those of your wedding, a bright colorful tote, or one that is a solid color. Tote bags make great gifts for brides, bridesmaids, and mothers of the bride.

Personalized T-shirts and tank tops have increased in popularity due to the ever-increasing number of funny sayings, quotes, and T-shirt styles. Like messenger bags, T-shirts and tank tops are excellent for both men and women. The ability for each person to create their own shirts, or shirt saying to be chosen by the bride and/or groom makes the popularity of personalized T-shirts and tank tops only increase each year.

However, there may always be new wedding gift ideas available. Sometimes, the best wedding gifts are simple variations or an improvement on a classic gift idea. Picture frames are a lasting trend when it comes to choosing a gift for a wedding. They are one of the hottest gift choices, because of the variety of picture frame styles that are available. Picture frames have always been a classic wedding gift idea, as they allow the receiver to capture that special day with a memory of their choosing. In addition, with the ability to personalize this gift, picture frames are a wedding gift idea that is here to stay. Picture frames are fun and festive and they can be wacky and creative or traditional and classy. They also make great gifts for anyone in the wedding party.

Possibly as homage to weddings in the past, an old wedding gift has recently reemerged as a true cannot miss wedding gift idea. The flask has made a strong comeback. Today’s wedding flasks come in the classic and more vibrant colors. There are also smaller women’s flasks that can be personalized.

Another popular gift idea, is wedding baseball caps. The wedding ball caps are a huge hit with younger wedding parties. These caps come in male and female variations and are customizable. The ball caps are practical, affordable, and fun.

Wedding figurines are quickly becoming one of the hotter trends in wedding gift ideas, and make great gift for the bride, groom, and their parents. The figurines are usually very affordable and similar to the picture frames convey the special significance of the occasion. The figurines are very popular among traditional wedding parties.

Compact mirrors and cosmetic bags are a trendy wedding gift idea among brides and bridesmaids. These trendy but practical gifts are popular, because they can be as classic or creative as you would like. Their affordability makes it easy to give to any woman in your wedding party. The compact mirrors and cosmetic bags are also a great way to stay prepared, in case someone needs a quick retouch right before the ceremony, which could be the link to their popularity.

Just as there are some gift ideas that are geared toward the women, this next “can’t miss” wedding gift idea is predominately for the groomsmen. Cufflinks have become a big hit among men in wedding parties. The cufflinks are seen as a one of your classier gift ideas, with their cool traditional colors and designs.

In addition, no wedding gift idealist would be complete without jewelry. Nice earrings, pendants, and broaches may always be popular wedding gifts. Similar to picture frames, this is a classic gift that may never go out of style. Instead, the variations and selections should only continue to grow over the years.

If you have noticed anything among this year’s trends in wedding gift ideas, it should be the theme of practicality, affordability, and customization. There is also a greater push to make more wedding gifts for men. Your wedding gifts are used to evoke powerful memories from your wedding, so regardless of whether you lean towards classic or creative, it should definitely be special. These are many excellent gifts to consider for both the bridesmaids and the groomsmen. If you are unsure of which gift to purchase, you can never go wrong with an attractive picture frame or baseball cap.

Jennifer Bailey is a freelance writer who writes about specific aspects of a wedding, such as bridal party gifts.

Article from

It’s wedding season. Still looking for the perfect gift? Better TV has some creative and trendy gift ideas for the bride and groom.

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9 Dec 10

Star Wars: Clone Wars

 Star Wars: Clone Wars
Star Wars: Clone Wars
List Price: 26.49
Price: 11.93

51WPExYjYaL. SL75  Star Wars: Clone WarsLEGO Star Wars Rebel Trooper Battle Pack (8083)
Pieces: 79Help the Rebels defend their base on Hoth!Build up your Rebel forces and celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Empire St…
41uTPJ8dYHL. SL75  Star Wars: Clone WarsRevell Star Wars – Tie Fighter
Includes multi-colored pre painted parts, opening cockpit cover, Darth Vader figure and display stand. Skill level 1. 6 1/2 INCHES…
61kP0Job%2BBL. SL75  Star Wars: Clone WarsStar Wars 3.75″ New Millennium Falcon
The new Millennium Flacon might well be the ultimate Star Wars toy. This famous spaceship can now seat 18 characters (including fo…

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8 Dec 10

Some cool educational toys images:

meccano 2+ educational toy
4445981916 b7eab681a2 meccano 2+ educational toy

Image by fsse8info
meccano 2+ educational toy

meccano 2+ educational toy
4445981302 a29a7f2b96 meccano 2+ educational toy

Image by fsse8info
meccano 2+ educational toy

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8 Dec 10

Smart Ass

51gdgJryi L. SL160  Smart Ass
  • The ultimate trivia game
  • Fast-paced, multiple player game play
  • Includes 490 questions and unique jumbo dice
  • Quick moving, fun party game
  • Nominated for 2007 “Game of the Year”
If you’ve ever played a game and wanted to yell out the answer even when it’s not your turn, Smart Ass is the game for you. Each Who, What, and Where Am I card has ten clues and the first player to yell out the correct answer moves one step closer to being the ultimate Smart Ass. No specific knowledge base is needed, so even a dumb ass can win, which all of us at Kotula’s find quite reassuring. For 2-8 players; includes game board, 490 questions and all playing pieces. Ages 12 and up.

List Price: $ 24.99 Price: $ 15.98

Find More Board Game Products

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2 Dec 10

Dave The Cheeky Monkey is set to take the UK by storm this Christmas, appearing in both Hamley’s top ten toys and Toys R Us predicted top ten best sellers for Christmas 2010. Early demand for Dave has been phenomenal, with the manufacturers admitting they may struggle to meet demand, even after opening a third factory! There is no real secret behind the success of this cheeky little robotic monkey; he’s cute, fun, and sits right on your shoulder. Dave is the first of a new generation of affordable and functional robotic toys, his array of over 30 behaviours and cute looks winning over onlookers of all ages.

Lowest current price(s) for this product or related product(s) found by our search are displayed below. Any consumer reviews provided may relate to goods from that specific retailer only. All products prices are updated daily.
Dave The Cheeky Monkey
120387730 Dave The Cheeky Monkey £17.90
Dave The Cheeky Monkey

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27 Nov 10

Birthday Gift Ideas at Find-me-a-gift

Birthday Gifts – Birthday Present Ideas – Birthday Presents

Best selling Birthday Gifts

Need some inspiration for a birthday gift? Find-me-a-gift have come up with over 1000 great inspirational birthday gift ideas for friends and loved ones. Have a look through the extensive range of birthday gift and gadget ideas and pick your favourite Birthday present. With standard and express delivery and a completely secure website Find-me-a-gift have the answer to all your Birthday Gift dilemmas!

Click below to browse the Find-me-a-gift website and see for yourself the huge range of Birthday gifts for men, women and children.

Birthday gifts for her

If you’re after a Birthday gift for the lady in your life then take a look at our fantastic range of Birthday gifts and presents for girls featuring an inspiring range of gorgeous gifts guaranteed to keep her smiling on that special day. With plenty of great Birthday gift ideas for women it’s easy to find the perfect pressie at

Click below to see our range of Birthday Gifts for her.

Birthday Gifts for him

Men are usually difficult to buy Birthday gifts and presents for. Until you discover Find-me-a-gift they have travelled the world and found a great selection of Birthday gifts perfect for men and boys whatever they are in to. Whether they’re big kids or as grumpy as Victor Meldrew, find-me-a-gift will have something for him with a range of over 500 Birthday gifts and gadget ideas for men.

Personalised Birthday Gift Ideas – Personalised Birthday Presents

Our personalised gifts are world famous! From a personalised bottle of Champagne to a personalised football book of their favourite team, we’ve got it all. Or, for something really unusual, why not adopt a vine at an Oxfordshire vineyard or dedicate a tree and help save the environment. Whether you need a Birthday gift idea for a man or a woman, find-me-a-gift have a personalised Birthday gift to suit all.

Have left it a bit late to buy your Birthday gifts? Don’t panic find-me-a-gift offer a next working day delivery if you place your order before 3.30pm.

Find-me-a-gift has over 1000 gift and present ideas for men, women & children for any occasion. Click below to see the full range

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