HP Chromebook 14-inch HD Laptop, Intel Celeron N4000, 4 GB RAM, 32 GB eMMC, Chrome (14a-na0020nr, Ceramic White)

Now you can do everything you ever thought of doing on a standard computer with your books. Let’s introduce to you first that you are welcomed to find out great ideas to tailor make your user experience the easiest way. You can do this via the HP Chromebook 14″ HD Laptop and get the right stuffs you need done in a grand style. This excellent product has a beautifully designed bezel with the coolest display to soften your view along with its dim backlit good for great enjoyment. It will be your next personal computer and companion for various purposes of interest to you.

HP Chromebook 14″ HD Laptop is ergonomically designed to help you move or turn the device and go from one place to another. What this means is that the HP Chromebook 14″ HD Laptop is lightweight and portable and continues to beat most market’s specs for Chromebooks. It is built or created with a compact body structure that makes it readily good to serve any Job. The HP Chromebook 14″ HD Laptop is a hot in demand product that’s widely used for simple tasks like storing documents and browsing the Internet. What this means in essence is that you can run some of your favorite apps without stress, for instance, browsers, text, pictures or video apps or documents. This is because the product comes with a strong network Wi-Fi for faster speed and connections so that you can have access to your internet for 24 hours every day.

And also, you can have all your multimedia documents such as videos. Pictures, infographics, or bar charts in one place all through this Chromebook. This HP Chromebook 14″ HD Laptop provides you with an ample room to do so, so that you won’t have to bother about losing one folder to have a new one. The product has high storage capacity worth around 4 GB RAM and an internal or device storage of about 32 GB worth of memory. To get the best from this HP Chromebook 14″ HD Laptop that’s not all to expect as you are allowed the space to expand the memory through external drives. Now you can also enjoy doing all you used to enjoy on your android phone via Google’s products. That is a very significant point for you as we are pleased to announce to you that you can equally access, download, and install your favorite apps from PlayStore.

This means that you can get any apps up and running and you will be able to use all Google’s products. It comes with a pre-installed anti-virus software so that you won’t have to lift a finger to install your own anti-virus. And more than that the device will continually check or look for updates that pertain to your apps in use. Once it finds a new update for any of your software you might be notified or the system will do the updating by itself. It has an astounding display that’s built to hold 1368 x 768 screen resolution that gives your images, texts, or videos a balance and clear appearance. With this everything that’s shown will be crystal clear as you use it for work, study or entertainment.

The HP Chromebook 14″ HD Laptop is essential for seriously engaged and intelligent students to seize it now for conveniently doing their school assignments. Individuals can use this for home or entertainment purposes like watching their favorite movies from video streaming websites like Netflix, Youtube, etc. It’s specifically designed to ensure watching of videos all day long without strain on the eyes via its anti glare technology. Businesses and organizations can use this for various activities such as surfing the internet, making use of its features like microphone and dual speakers for teleconferencing, etc. It is used to better enable any groups that want to hold an online chat or video call meetings on platforms like WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom. Music lovers can listen to their favorite songs or tunes via dual speaker for a detailed and crystal clear sound.

It’s a highly environmentally friendly gadget that uses lesser power supplies and has a long battery shelf life. Its battery can reach the maximum of 50% within a 45 minute charge and it can last long When you start it up it will take only a few minutes to boot up without any delay so you can have a smooth time. The HP Chromebook 14″ HD Laptop comes at an affordable price so you can afford to place an order immediately.

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