Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera 16MP Vision 3 Underwater Waterproof Camera PC Webcam 170° Wide Angle WiFi Sports Cam with Remote 2 Batteries and Mounting Accessories Kit

Fred R. Barnard said that a picture is worth a thousand words, if so then that would mean a great picture would be worth a million words. With the Dragon Touch 4k Action Camera that is exactly what you would be getting. Its multiple features allow for nothing but perfection to be the ending result of a snap taken.

The simple wireless wrist control from Vision 3 enables remote-controlled recording. This would be ideal tricky situations for easy access that would be perfect for climbers and adventurers of all. With a 2 -inch screen and internet access, the High Definition Video app (XV), lets you view, save, and share your unforgettable moments on mobile devices.

Download the XV app to your phone or tablet and click the “UP” button on the camera to toggle on the internet for 3 seconds. Then run the images or videos in real-time via Android or iOS devices, and post them instantly on social media. The cameras internet extends, linking this camera with a USB cable to your device, or simply attach the camera directly to your television via HDMI.

Both experienced and amateur action photographers can enjoy the multiple features of the camera including driving mode, image rotation, time-lapse, loop capture, slow motion, exposure, and more. The waterproof case of the Vision 3 covers the product underwater for the aquatic explorer, making it a snap for capturing video while surfing or engaging in other undersea activities. In addition to its plentiful features and functionality, the Dragon Touch Vision 3 offers a wide range of accessories including mounts for bicycles and helmets, rechargeable batteries, and more.

The camera gives you multiple options if you’re looking for an action camera that provides diversity as well as functionality. For those enthusiasts of the armchair action camera who are looking for a big feature soon, this may well be your best bet making it highly recommended for start up photographers.

The user manual provides an arrangement for attaching certain parts of the accessories to achieve the ideal mounting fixture. And the user manual is pretty simple and pretty specific about what the computer is doing and the layout and display of the menu in the appropriate order. The picture is great, tracking is polished and slender to watch. In addition to these features, the XV app’s WIFI feature gives you much more to play with, allowing you to easily upload photos and videos so you can remove them from the SD card and replace them with new photos and footage, but while the recommended SD card is a 64 GB class 10, there should be plenty of space.

And that is not the best part yet, the camera is affordable! Going for less than $50, this product offers thrilling underwater photos leaving the eye mesmerized. The Dragon Touch Vision 3 provides an incredible range with multiple of the same features and functionality found in many more expensive devices. It comes with a carrying case (so many don’t), which gives you the ability to conveniently transport your accessories so you can exercise your dreams of becoming a filmmaker in an action camera.

Plan on 60 minutes of record time, you can pull out about 90 minutes with 1080p. Place the not included card into the camera before use as not to avoid losing valuable images; Usage of max 64 GB class 10 micro SD card is recommended. Even capturing images or recording videos is now truly easy, just push the remote control button; no longer search for your camera while the camera is mounted on your hat, a selfie stick, etc. Note that the remote is not waterproof, be careful when handling the device. Another warm tip is that the camera doesn’t record the sound when it is in the waterproof case allowing you to set the different modes as you like under various circumstances.

With positive customer reviews around the world then this camera has proven to be nothing but perfection. As stated above through its various functions, the camera is versatile and simply easy to handle. This allows for exploring while traveling light. Its affordability only enhances its compatibility package with its colorful and multiple functions being the icing on the cake. Get yourself one today!

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