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Chosen Ones the book Review

As a reader you find yourself enjoying a certain type of genre more than any other. You’re drawn to a type of book that will keep you reading every dot, every comma and every exclamation mark. Chosen Ones is a Fantasy Fiction or Paranormal Fantasy which will leave you passing through the book with ease. Once you have finished reading Chosen Ones you might find yourself rereading it.

Chosen Ones was written by Author Veronica Roth who has released a number of books including; Carve the Mark, The End and Other Beginnings, We Can Be Mended, The Fates Divide and many more. Her most recent book Chosen Ones released on 7 April 2020 and has since made readers across the world glue their eyes and ears to Kindle, Audiobook and the hard copy itself. The book Chosen Ones has been described as bold, intriguing and easy to read.

Veronica Roth is a well-known American Novelist who is also a short story writer. Her big break came at an early age when she had just finished university. She released her first and second novel with much success as they sold over five million copies worldwide. Veronica has said in many interviews that she tries to explain each character and story-line in depth to help the reader connect to them. When Chosen Ones was released Veronica said in an interview that her approach to this book is creatively the same as her previous work. She goes on to mention that she grew up reading multiple books about chosen ones and decided to take her own swing at it.

Veronica Roth has stated that she has a certain type of love for the lead character in the book Chosen Ones as she may be unlikable to some, the character portrays a deep strength and a “i don’t care” attitude.

A quick look at what the book is about and how the story unfolds, it is intense and detailed, a readers dream come true. The book concentrates on adult fiction being described as sort of wake up call. Chosen Ones is about a group of five teenagers who are called “Chosen Ones”, their growth, fame and their struggle to heal from a traumatizing event that happened ten years ago. The Teenagers had fought an evil overlord and was left with emotional scars and dealing with mental heath problems even ten years after the incident. They never had the chance to be teenagers and have carried pain with them through the years.

Chosen Ones introduces us to Sloane, the main character so to speak. Sloane is a sharp yet damaged character and her story is so intriguing that it leaves us at the edges of out seats. Fragments of information about this character is revealed throughout the book which helps the reader put together a sort of puzzle as to where Sloane fits in. Other characters are introduced to the reader is Matt, Ines, Albie and Esther these are the five characters that defeated the Dark One ten years prior.

The five, who are now adults, all seem to struggle with one daunting piece of the puzzle which is the fact that the Dark One might still have an eerie hold on each of them. In the book Chosen Ones the five characters seem to be on the road of figuring out who they are and finding their place in the world. Some drowning their sorrows in the fame they had achieved after destroying the Dark One and some turning to outside help to heal. After one of the Chosen Ones die, the others realize that the Dark One purpose was to destroy them once and for all.

Veronica Roth opens the doors to a magical and action packed story that helps each reader connect to each character. The book gives off a dark and eerie sense as you carry on reading and opens your mind to the possibility or villains and heroes. Chosen Ones will fill your body with chills and anxiety as you read what happens to these characters. These types of books have always been a fan favorite and many have adored each book that Veronica Roth has released. It really is a twisty, intriguing, mind-blowing and interesting book to read that will keep you entertained for hours.

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