Coin and Small Parts Envelopes by Purple Q Crafts Review

Housing coins can be challenging especially when you have a lot around. They seem to fall off or misplace easily when you least want them to. The coin and small parts envelope pack by Purple Q Crafts is the savior that ideally houses your money and other small parts that can easily litter your home or office. This envelope pack which contains 100 colored envelopes beats your frustration off and helps your touch of organization in the home, office, or both.

The envelopes which are 2 and two-fifth by 3 and a half inches are sized to be able to accommodate both cash and coins. You can easily assign different denominations of money to the office essentials based on their assorted colors. The best catch is that the envelopes can easily fit into your wallet, purse, or any other fashion attachment you plan on wearing. Hence, you can always have it on you everywhere you go especially if you’d be needing to use a lot of small objects where you are.

Besides cash, you can use these envelopes to save and also send stamps or save memos and tickets too. The sizing is perfect to keep the items without occupying a lot of space in your drawer or safe. Segregation has been made easy based on the variety of colors of this office essential. Small jewelry like earrings, rings for the finger and tiny neck chain and others can be stored using the organization tools. They are perfect for storing other small items like bolts, stones, and even passport photographs.

Usage of these envelopes is not restricted to homes and offices alone as even farmers can use them too. The envelopes are right for them as the right storage for their next sowing seeds. There are 100 envelopes in the pack which means they can store as many types of seed as they want in different envelopes with a possibility of not exhausting it. Surely, you will agree that this is a good plus to value.

The envelopes are made with the gummed flap to secure its contents and prevent unnecessary fall offs of content. This is quite advantageous especially when you want to send a stamp or mail something else to other people or use the envelope to store things for a long time. Your content will be secured without a need for you to worry about losing it due to constant fall-offs.

If you are considering using them as permanent storage for a collection of items, the envelopes can absorb ink easily and fast without a reduction in thickness due to its very high quality that it was manufactured with. Names of items in envelopes can be written on it with a pen, maker, or any other writing material to identify amidst more similar envelopes especially if you’d be sealing its content.

The quality of the envelopes is one of the best that can be found yet. The 0.6 inches’ thickness is quite satisfactory and guarantees longevity of each envelope in the pack. With this thickness, it is expected that there will be no reason for the tear that is due to very low product quality. You can be rest assured that even the metallic articles stored in the envelopes will not tear just by mere storage except force is applied or time causes its quality to reduce.

Color varieties of the envelopes give you the liberty to select the color you want to make your representations. There are ten available colors which are blue, baby pink, white, turquoise, baby blue, green, mint green, grey, red, and purple. You can select favorite colors for personal use or represent them with the priority of your mail when you get to make one. Diversities of options are available to be explored using these colorful envelopes.

Getting this pack will zero your storage stress and gives you a sense of colorful fun while organizing your money or small items. Homes, workshops, offices, and even the farm are a few locations that can benefit from the organization that can be made using this container pack. Sold at around 8 dollars, the Purple Q Crafts envelope pack’s quality worth more than its price and you will love how easy it will make arrangement be for you.

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