Color Of Money Paul Newman Tom Cruise about to shoot pool 24×36 Poster

Paul Newman and Tom Cruise were both actors in the movie called ‘color of money’ produced in the year 1986. Before we look into the description of the shoot pool 24by36 poster, let us look at the brief history of ‘color of money’ in other to understand the about to shoot pool poster very well. We will also look at the two star actors in the poster ‘Tom Cruise and Paul Newman’ and their subsequent roles in the movie. Write also about the scene and when the picture was taken.

Color of money was directed by an Italian-American movie director named Martin Scorsese in the year 1986. This movie was based on the novel written by Walter Tevis in 1984 bearing the same name ‘Color of money’ as the movie. There were two major stars in the movie ‘Paul Newman and Tom Cruise’ with three other supporting role actors Helen Shaver, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, and John Turturro. The movie was officially released on October 8, 1986 (Premiere) then on October 17, 1986 (United States). It was produced under the production company named Touchstone Pictures and Silver Screen Partners 11. After the production of the movie, it got about $51 million from the budget of the movie which was about $12 million.

Paul Newman is American movie Actor, Director, Producer and Philanthropist, he played the character fast Eddie Felson 34 years ago when he was 60 years old. In the movie, he acted as a former pool hustler and liquor salesman, though he still stakes bet for players. It was were he met Carmen (Mary Mastrantonio) who was being beaten in the pool game by an arrogant young man Vincent Lauria (Tom Cruise) who reminds him of himself when he was young. He ended up teaching the both some tactics, rules and strategies about pool hustling. Eddie ended up playing as Vincent’s Stake horse after he persuaded him into accepting his offer. But after some times, Eddie abruptly Vincent because of his arrogance and ego.

After Vincent beat the pool hall’s best player, He and Eddie decided to work once more, Eddie became inspired to play again after Vincent nearly lost in throwing the game in Atlantic city. With some subsequent wins, Amos who was known as the pool shark defeated him in a game, being humiliated and defeated, Eddie shamefully left the Vincent and Carmen behind and went to the Atlantic. At Orvis’ pool hall Eddie purified his skills and got a new pair of medicated glasses because he developed an eye problem, due to his subsequent winnings, he enrolled into the Atlantic city tournament. It was where he ran into Vincent and Julian and won against Julian where he faced Vincent and was supported by Vincent’s ex girlfriend Janelle. He won against Vincent but was seen that it wasn’t a fair game, Vincent purposely left him to win. During the private game Eddie fixed between him and Vincent, he won Vincent, Paul Leonard Newman won the award for best actor which was his first Oscar win after the movie.

Knowing now the brief story line of the movie ‘Color of money’, the picture was taken in the movie. The color of money Paul Newman Tom Cruise about to shoot pool 24×36 Poster is a custom made magnificent piece of art, printed on a premium quality 240 GAM archival satin photo paper. Due to the alluring and cool nature of Paul Newman and Tom Cruise about to shoot poster, it can be used in pool house related offices like game houses, relaxation areas etc. The poster can also be used at homes either in the gym or play houses, rooms of those that love pool games and can even serve as decoration in the parlor, staircases, etc.

This poster also serve in educational purpose, it can be used in schools to act as a reference when teaching about pool games, their strategies, beauty and the fun in them. It can also be used in art museums where it acts as a means by which the history of the world of entertainment will always be remembered.

The color of money Paul Newman Tom Cruise about to shoot pool 24×36 Poster can be used by anybody and it is affordable with all its great qualities and uses.

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