Columbia Girls’ Switchback II Waterproof Jacket

Kids require maximum protection from both wind and rain, but some times it becomes hard to fully protect them, since, it is not easy to keep children indoors all day long. They can be out hiking, biking, or even playing when rain comes abruptly. Take responsibility and keep your child cozy and dry regardless of a humid weather. Prevent strong winds and raindrops from hitting your child by purchasing a rain jacket that is waterproof. Columbia Girls switchback waterproof jacket is the best rainy jacket that will ensure that a toddler is fully protected from rain. The jacket is made to provide a perfect fit for all kids while giving them the comfort they need on a rainy season.

Its outer layer is made of hundred percent nylon material, this nylon material enables the jacket prevent water from getting to a child’s body. Columbia Girl’s switchback shell comes with a closure zip to aid in full body coverage. The shell also comes with elastic cuffs plus a drop tail that are designed to give toddlers a comfy wearing experience that they need. Give your child a chance to play outdoors despite the humid weather, let them carry this particular pullover every moment they go out. And have the best wearing experience ever with this hooded and waterproof raincoat that comes with elastic cuffs.

The pullover features a hydroplus nylon shell that is designed with a highly advanced technology to enable it to prevent water from leaking, even if in a heavy downpour. All you need to do is to ensure that the children don’t go out without carrying the jacket. Some kids like playing on rain, as they find the drops pleasuring them, however, this is dangerous because rain drops can lead to severe diseases such as pneumonia. But with this particular jacket, they can comfortably play on rain without having the water getting to their bodies. Therefore, they can have fun as the shell keeps them dry and cozy regardless of the rains’ strength.

Some areas experience heavy rains, but with a warm condition, this hot humid climate does not require one to put on heavily insulated pullovers. Only a thin and lightweight jacket will perfectly fit the weather conditions. Therefore, Columbia’s jackets will probably fit such conditions because of they are lightweight nature and a thin layer which will only protect drizzles and hard downpours without adding any warmth, a perfect rain coat for humid areas. The jacket is simple but with a great sense of fashion and style, keep your child dry with this stylish jacket.

Switchback 2 jacket is of a modern and classic fit, so, your child will absolutely like it because most Modern-day kids have a great sense of fashion and style. So, they find it hard to accept clothings considered old-fashioned, thereby purchasing this pullover will be a great deal for them. The jacket comes with an easy fit and a comfortable range of motion that makes it a universal wear for everyday use. Uniquely, the switchback covers even the head, therefore kids will be happy having their heads kept warm. Just pull it up or fold it back to cover your child’s head and you will enjoy seeing your toddler warm and dry despite a heavy downpour.

Your child’s health is vital, it is indispensable to cure than to prevent, show your love and care for your kid by buying this awesome jackets from Colombia. Let your children carry them whenever they go out to play for your peace of mind and be assured of your children’s safety. Additionally, the coats are lightweight, hence, convenient for kids to carry the around. They can carry them to hiking, sports, to the beach, or any other places because they won’t get tired of carrying them along. Girls’ switchback 2 come with reflective details that will keep kids secure. These particular wears come in various sizes and colors from which you pick what will fit your young one. The sizes include, small size, medium, large, and extra large, this means toddler of different ages and sizes can use them.

Even though the brand name marks the jackets as being girls’ jackets, boys can also wear them. Columbia’s raincoats are available at a cheap and affordable price to give children the comfort they need on rainy and windy seasons.

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