COOLQO Compatible for iPhone11

Apple has introduced shockproof phone cover for its brand iPhone 11 named COOLQO. The cover is a magic-like product composed of the different fabulous features that will all be covered here soon. Before we get into that, let’s see together who needs most to get the product now.

Today’s lifestyle is all about mobile phones from that sound we hear at the morning whether the sound comes out of a that rounded alarm clock on the drawer next to your bed or smartphones. The trend continuous like revising your notes and schedules, replying messages, calling the one that matter most back. Likewise, checking up on social media news feeds, texting to a friend to hang out if it’s a weekend, or arranging for an outing with your lovely boyfriend or girlfriend.

Some may play their favorite song while exercising, watch YouTube trying to make new recipes, checking out your kids if they are still in school or not via GPRS, listening to your amusing music in subways. Moreover, others skim top news headlines while in the bus to work, edit their project, assignment before class. Making online purchases in lunch/coffee break and Facetiming your parents whilst in congestion.

It’s great to collectively come to this an impeccable amazing truth: We all agree then that humans frequently use mobile phones in our entire day-to-day activities consistently. We also agree that we all need to carry on our activities in a smooth, natural basis without any disturbances or delays. Yes, we use phones and we need them so badly to nurture both our daily life duties and leisure time. Yet, the question is again, do you need to put this beautiful COOLQO iphone 11 shockproof for your phone or what?.

Put yourself in one of these scenarios: a senior student hurrying up to get into her lecture hall as she steps down her girlfriend calls. Unluckily, the moment she gets the phone out of her burse another colleague scrambles her on the shoulder and the screen smashes down.

A careful parent puts a location detector chip on one of his two kids’ back bag. Despite the stressing mood in the workplace he watches them out from there. From time to time of checking them he notices something strange; the kids are a mile away from the school park. The poor parent runs as hardest as ever, his heart beats so fast, his legs are shivering and he got a sweat on his finger palms. As he was running to the parking lot and staring at the kid’s moves at the same time, the phone hits the floor and bomb.

COOLQO is a universal solution tool for all the above-mentioned problems, the problem that every household can get exposed to, he properties are:

Camera & Screen Protection: protects your camera while raised is used to get rid of impact, and protects your iPhone screen against drops & cracks & surface scratches.

Long-Lasting Clear: It maintains your screen in tidy and clean shape always. Keep your purple iphone 11 color new, of course, the other five colors such as your yellow, green, white, and black are included as well.

Military Grade Protection: high drops to your iPhone are heartbreaking; this COOLQO can protect your phone up to 10 feet or 3m high. Isn’t it wonderful to have your phone safe and working after it fell from your tall or above? The 3in1 dual-layer case provides 360-degree full-body coverage protection. In addition to that, It’s Compatible with: iPhone 11 (2019) 6.1 Inch.

Screen Protector: have you ever suffered from unlocking your phone only because of the oily table you touched, the beauty cream you applied, and/or the snack you had earlier, it happens always. This problem is outraged here and with this COOLQO iphone 11 Arc edge design features an oleophobic coating that resists oils, preventing undesired fingerprints that can interfere with using the device. Another Tempered Glass Screen Protector that COOLQO offers is a Bubble-free during application that is easy to install and remove as well.

Warranty: last but not least, the good news here is the warranty date which is 90 days or 3 months. If your meeting gets delayed or couldn’t submit your periodic project due to a screen crack in these 2160 hours, you lose nothing.

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