Adesso iMouseE1 – Vertical Ergonomic Illuminated Optical 6-Button USB Mouse – Right Hand Orientation

There are many products in the peripherals market they are of different types and uses, these products come with a wide range of capabilities and functionalities. Following the growth in the number of peripherals that solves specific problems. A problem that is common to daily computer users is the wrist strain, this is due to an egornomical phenom. There is need most times for products that can ease the issues that arise from using the mouse for a long while.

The Adesso iMouseE1-Vertical Ergonomic Mouse is a different concept from the conventional mouse. It has a vertical design and orientation, specially designed to ease and prevent wrist stress while using your computer. This is designed with concerns of reducing strain arising from using the desktop, by making it in a way that puts in to consideration the ideal position of the wrist and arms. It has a great performance and its capable of being in use all day at home or in the office with nothing to bother about. Also, it can be used for a nice gaming experience, as this would increase flexibility and comfort.

The Adesso iMouseE1 comes in-built with an optical sensor, and can be connected to literally any computer that is compatible with it. This mouse is a completely different concept because no mouse is made and designed the way this is. It has two buttons at it top and a great quality grip made of rubber for easy control. The base of this mouse and its rare is highly curved to enhance the egornomic standard, designed for right-hand use. You can relax your hand on it, the two buttons on its sides are both for the back and forward movements and the third one is mainly for toggling between the DPI modes and cursor speeds.

This iMouse E1 is built with LEDs at the base to illuminate it, and is made vertically orientated with a contoured pattern which gives a unique comfort to the user. With this, the shape guarantees wrist balance, supports users to position their hand in a normal handshake pattern which is normal for the hands. The vertical orientation is to stops your hands from becoming twisted while using it, all buttons are positioned to give convince every time.

Equipped with an advanced optical sensor technology to make sure the mouse is accurately on point at all times. Improved to work on any environments including glass, marble, wood or leather needs no mouse pad. This mouse is a plug and play peripheral therefore, it requires no additional drivers, just plug in and start using. Compatible on various operating systems like the Windows 2000, Windows xp, Windows vista, Windows 8, and macOS.

If you are fed up with all the inconveniences that comes with regular mouse, or maybe you need a better performing mouse. Then this product is for you and you need to check it out. This product is high-quality yet cheap and effective in fulfilling all its promises, costs about 29 dollars to purchase. Therefore, this makes it a purchase worth it, a good purchase for the ease you get thereby reducing your stress and to make your life better.

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