Decent and fitting N and Y Home and hotel shower curtains

Hospitality industry is expanding and accommodating many job seekers, it has come a long way compared to where it was 20 years ago. Competition is stiff and players are equipping themselves with the best they can, from employing the best qualified graduates to sourcing the unique ideas to serve their customers. Hotels industry serves as a major source of income and to some countries it the backbone of the economy. To beat this competition, hotels are acquiring the best decor in the market, quality and style also play a major role. You can’t mention these two aspects without mentioning the N and Y fabric shower curtain.

These curtains can be used in all indoor places where you wish to have a shower like home, hotel and spa. They come in different sizes to fit frames of different shapes, the width of the curtains can broaden and be compressed. It is very embarrassing to buy a shower curtain that does not hold firm but keeps falling especially when there are visitors at home. The upper edges here are fitted with metal grommets that are reinforced with metals to hold firmly to any handle. They prevent the material from tearing and hold firm when pulled.

The material used to make them is high quality and translucent to avoid somebody to see through. In most cases, when you buy a shower curtain you are required to include a liner to avoid someone to see through but that is not the case here. This material is dense and tightly-knit to close any space that may be left out. It is made of polyster which is resistant to wear and tear compared to cotton, it dries fast and helps the product keep the original shape. Polyster is slow to absorb moisture.

Hotels prefer a particular style and most have a unique color as their trademark, they try to match decor and their items to that color for stylish look. The same applies to homes where people prefer colors that would match various items like furniture or paintings. Here you are provided with products with 10 colors to choose from like white, carol, teal, charcoal grey, stand among others. You are sure to find your favorite color among these. The spectacular thing about these colors is that they do not bleach after you wash, another trait is they can be washed using washing machines or hand washed.

Holes at the liner of the curtain are double reinforced to carry the weight of the item even when wet. At the bottom is a heavy liner to avoid the curtain swinging side to side, this also prevents it from getting stuck on your body. Texture of the product is smooth to make it easy to wash using hands, this material is environment friendly. It is dew resistant to avoid stains forming on the surface of the curtain. When you consider bathrooms being a wet surfaces bacteria are likely to stay but the products here are bacteria resistance.

You are likely to buy a bunch containing all ten colors when you discover their price. It is standardized such that the higher you buy the cheaper it becomes, the package is out of the ordinary and you will not have pressure unpacking them. If you want to have an experience of a spa for your family and visitors, you only need to get these classic shower curtains.

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