Wahl Dry Skin & Itch Relief Pet Shampoo for Dogs – Oatmeal Formula with Coconut Lime Verbena & 100% Natural Ingredients – 24 Oz

When you keep a pet, of importance is to keep it clean because a dirty pet is not only embarrassing to you but even dirties your house. The cleanliness is important as not cleaning it could lead to ticks and fleas. Now when you are making a choice on the type of a pet shampoo to use you have to consider things such as the length of its fur, the presence ticks among other things. As pets often itch, it is paramount that you purchase a shampoo that helps to prevent itching while conserving the fur.

Wahl Dry Skin and Itch Relief Pet Shampoo for Dogs is a must have for every dog owner wherever they are. This is as the name suggests, it helps to moisturize the dry skin of your dog and help to prevent itching. Now this is to mean that your seats will be spared from excessive shedding of fur which are at times hard to remove depending on the material used to make the seat.

The pet shampoo is made in the USA and is made according to the required standards. Therefore, this is made in such a way that the PH is balanced, does not contain alcohol content, has no Paraben and free from PEG – 80. This means that the shampoo will not have adverse effects on your pet as it does not have any harmful products . In all sense this is with assurance the best when dealing with a itchy pet or one with dry skin because on washing it will be refreshed and moisturized.

To add on this, the shampoo is made from oatmeal formula and also has some coconut and lime verbena scent. For every dirty fur out there you have got yourself a solution as the shampoo makes the fur very clean. The shampoo has a thick lather which is good for washing and then rinses off quickly. Your pet then stays smelling fresh and also clean and you can now have visitors over with confidence that your pet does not have a pungent smell. Essentially this shows how clean as a person you are and even with children sets them on the right thought line of staying clean.

This shampoo lathers rather easily due to a higher concentration of coconut which is derived from sodding agent. The shampoo is economical in that just a little amount of shampoo is needed to lather and wash the whole dog. This means that the shampoo can serve for quite a long time without the need to purchase a new one and saves on your money. In other words just like they say in make up, less is more, a small amount is actually a lot and enough to fulfill its purpose adequately.

As a shampoo you can be sure that against allergies, this is a number one solution. Things like swollen eyes or even itching will be a thing of the past. If your dog is allergic, then this is the best option for you as the manufacturers have already tried the product on a dog that has allergies and they have found it effective. What can be more assuring than a first hand experience that it works as the manufacturers have confidence in their product.

The shampoo is a preferred even by the professionals because it is of good quality and serves the purposes as stated. It cleans, conditions both fur and hair to make sure that it is soft and smooth. The same manufacturers actually provide a wide range of dog cleaning products such as shampoos for whitening the fur, shampoo for gentle washing of puppies especially if they have a delicate skin.

They manufacture a tick and flea shampoo and brushes for finishing ticks, brushing the coat of fur together with nail clippers for pets. Actually this could be considered as a case of ” purchase one get two” not because you get an added bottle but because the shampoo can offer you up to 70% more wash than other shampoos. It certainly saves on your money while meeting your needs too.

The shampoo can be used on any dog whether they have a long coat or a short one, whether young or old, allergic or not. In short the shampoo is a good fit for every dog out there. When you buy this you are assured of both quality and quantity for your purchase.

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