(Renewed) Apple MacBook Pro 15in Core i7 2.5GHz Retina (MGXC2LL/A), 16GB Memory, 512GB Solid State Drive Review

A MacBook Pro 15in core i7 is an Apple product that is refurbished to make sure that it meets all the functional standards as a new Apple MacBook Pro. This amazing product with an impressive 22 nm core i7 processor has four independent processor cores in an exclusive silicon chip. With a 16 GB built-in, 1600 MHz DDR3L SDRAM which cannot later be customized and a 6 MB shared level 3 cache and 512 GB of PCIe-based flash storage, this machine is fast, reliable and has a huge memory. Additionally, this gadget has dual graphics middle 2014 retina display which gives it an edge over other laptops about graphics and display.

Are you interested in buying a new MacBook Pro? Well, a Macbook Pro 15in is your best option. Generally, this computer is designed to handle everything from compiling codes, modifying films to particle simulation. When the power of the computer is a top priority for you then this is the best you can ever get hence this feature makes this model ideal to be used by students. This model is affordable and appropriate for use by people who are always on the go. It is portable and lighter than the 16in core i7 version furthermore it has a certified touch ID and several integrated applications for inventiveness and productivity.

MacBook Pro 15in Retina display with an ingenious resolution of up to 2880 * 1800 and a 720p facetime high definition webcam can provide a high scale resolution. This resolution can harbor the workspace of a bigger screened typical MacBook computer on a smaller Retina MacBook Pro. A MacBook Pro 15in has a dense display with numerous pixels that texts and images look lubricious. For connecting to a network, it’s incorporated with a WiFi and Bluetooth for wireless connections. In case you will need to use an Ethernet then you’ll need a cable moreover this model has two thunderbolts two-port and two USB 3 port. These features would allow you to connect USB drives and you would easily charge your phone.

This device is capable of handling daily tasks such as browsing the internet, sending and receiving mails, using office applications, and playing video games. You can use this laptop for general-purpose works such as using it to edit videos or even create short videos. Given that it does not have an optical drive for CDs and DVDs use, a drive like this essential therefore should be bought together with the laptop. With a backlit keyboard, using this device is pure bliss since the user would get a pleasant feeling. MacBook Pro 15in is equipped with MagSafe 2 power adapter which supplies power externally to the laptop. This model comes with a sealed battery which would enable you to use the device for straight eight hours without interruption.

The specifications of this type of MacBook Pro are a screen size of 15 inches, 2 to 3 GHz intel core i7 processor, a RAM of size 16 GB, a hard drive of 512 GB, and Intel Iris Pro graphics coprocessor. Its chipset brand is NVIDIA, the battery type is Lithium Polymer (LiPo) and a 15in MacBook Pro weighs about five pounds. It comes in two varieties of colors that are, silver aluminum or space gray aluminum. The operating system which it uses is Mac OS X it has preemptive multitasking capability, extended memory management, and symmetric multiprocessing. A maximum screen resolution of 2880 * 1800 pixels can also be attained when using this laptop.

If you are budget conscious and you badly need a MacBook Pro then a 15in core i7 would meet your needs. It is more multifaceted than an iPad and you won’t be stalled since they are fast and efficient therefore they are worth your money. You can get one of these in an online retail store and also from electronic shops. This device is in high demand and that is why it is a refurbished product since Apple replaced this model with a 16in MacBook Pro in November 2019. You are therefore highly advised to get this gadget because it will not disappoint. Even if you make your purchase and you find a problem with the laptop, most stores will give you a ninety days warranty.

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